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Canon EOS 90D Tutorial – How to set up WiFi

Canon 90D Crash Course Training Tutorial. Available Now!:

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Michael’s Free Canon 90D Tutorial Training Overview & Tips Video

Canon 90D Optical Focusing System Tutorial

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  1. wow i could have done this (lmao) after watching you a few times great video bro i tried and tried but could not do it tell i saw your video . you made it so easy thanks

  2. It's a pitty the wifi range is really bad. I think 5 meter or so. Today I was trying to capture a kingfisher with remote control by the app. But it don't work because of the small range.

  3. Maven! Need your input please – My experience in using the Canon connect app for recording video goes a little something like this: While viewing the 90D over it's wifi connection, I had a director who ran the start/stop of the recordings via the app off an IPhone 11 Pro. They could essentially see the picture and start/stop the Rec. of the camera with ease. Problem is, the streaming of the picture was never consistently a real time live stream to the phone. It was choppy, would 'freeze' and update every few seconds. At least they were able to somewhat keep up with monitoring the shot from the 90D but it was never fully a real time 'live' monitoring of the camera… key word, LIVE, no lag or latency is what I'm expecting. Even if the shot is a second or two behind, that's ok, I just would like it to not be choppy and drop frames in transmitting the picture to the app. Is there a way to optimize the connection between the 90D and a phone for seamless live viewing and control?

  4. Excellent tutorial thank you! Disagree on UV filters because altough they do not add anything to picture quality they do protect expensive lenses especially for outdoor wild life photographers like me!

  5. This was exactly the video i was looking for! I couldnt find anywhere that confirmed if the app + 90D will work when shooting video. This is hugely helpful for me and my 1 man studio.Thanks!

  6. Another well explained tutorial on this camera, I’d be interested to your thoughts and explanation on the C1 and C2 on the 90D? on the 80D you could set all settings manually then save, on this camera it doesn’t give an option to set fstop or shutter speed?

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