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Canon at the Ghost Town Quick Photography Tips: Eye Detection AF on the EOS RP

Canon Advisor Eric Stoner shows off the Eye Detection AF feature in the EOS RP during a portrait shoot in the Ghost Town in Nelson, Nevada.

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  1. "For those of you that are doing video shooting…" I'm looking towards Sony or Fujifilm because of the kneecapping Canon keeps doing to its non-professional lines (no dpaf in 4k, no 24p, etc.)

  2. With the right battery, I would probably have bought an RP while waiting for a "real" mirrorless camera from Canon.
    But now you probably have to wait for the next generation or wait and buy a used "R" to not feel too cheated.
    I find it hard to see that Canon's next mirrorless will be in the class with its competitors.
    But I hope for great progress. More processing power and image stabilization in the camera and a new sensor are obvious things. They really need to show that they can and want to give customers things that are not deliberately limited by fear of being too good …. that time has been past many years ago Canon.
    Canon RF lenses are very good while the cameras have stayed in development and now the camera apartment have a lot to do to regain lost confidence….
    But Canon is Canon. …and when was the last time them did something better than other. …11years. .5D II ..And I need to buy something new. ..not pay for a new and get an 4 years old sensor and no IS in body….and that slow. Yes! The"R"…so you need one more for action.
    So please Canon, start to give more or become a portrait camera company. …But let ous know if thats what you want.
    I'm so happy that Sony A9 is that good and both you and all know that days or hours after your next pro release, Sony's next A9 II Will be here too. ..probably to try to make the next Canon to look old again.
    So I hope Canon make something really good to show that them not still sleeping. …And Canon!… You cant be more expensive than a Sony A9 II when that is here….You also have a damaged reputation to save.

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