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Canon A1 Film Camera Guide For Dummies

Since making my previous video about the Canon A1 film camera I have discovered through comments that a lot of people have inherited these cameras and may not necessarily know anything about cameras or photography.

This simplified guide is for people who have suddenly found themselves in possession of this classic film camera, and who would like to take photos with it, but are really struggling to use it.

If, after watching the video, you still aren’t sure about something please leave a comment below. I do my best to respond to every comment I receive!

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  1. This video helped a lot! I still have a question about the Rewing knob. Is it okay to turn it without moving the film? And if not, how do I know my film is in a good position after I turned it? thank you in advance!!

  2. When I set my camera to full manual it’s still selecting an aperture for me. The aperture ting is not on the green “A” and I have selected both the aperture and shutter speed myself yet the camera still seems to be in shutter priority?

  3. I recently was rented this camera for my darkroom class and have no experience with film photography and have been taking outdoor photos using 400iso film (because that’s what we were given) with either aperture or shutter priority because I thought that would be easier than manual but every single image is coming out super bright and overexposed and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any tips? I’m getting a bit frustrated 🙁

  4. Hey, we have an old Canon packed away somewhere. Thought they were extinct. Believe we stopped using it when the lens got stuck. Will have to study this and compare. Thanks.

  5. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you very much! 🙂 I only just received a Canon A1 + can't wait to start shooting with a film camera. I've mostly just used digital cameras, but think I can learn a lot from shooting film. Thanks again for your fantastic tutorial!

  6. When you switch to aperture priority mode on the camera body do you have to leave the aperture on the lens on A ? Or does it not matter? I hope this makes sense lol.

  7. I 've used 3 A-1s along years ago, I've seen all your videos about A-1, that's very great presentation. But I just saw your writing not for long. I have to say I impressed so much with your delicated words. Best on that is your vintage pictures shoot by A-1(1987-1991). That's so great to see, flash me back before I was born. To know that fresh A-1 ability on its agd is made me love my A-1 much more..Thanks for sharing🙏❤🤟📸 it 'd be great if you please share me your IG account, I just need to admired more vintage pictures from your A-1 camera…Thank you again Phil.🙏🇹🇭 I'm Bank , Bkk Thailand.

  8. Actually there is PX28L lithium I like better unlike PX28A Alkaline which leak corrosive salts if left into long or of poor manufacture . The lithium version just goes dead with no camera damage issues and is worth the few USD that it costs

  9. Thanks for this Canon A1 overview Phil, it's very helpful. I have a quick question for you. When shooting in Aperture priority mode, do you have to have the aperture ring on the lens set in the A position as you do for shutter priority, or does it not matter if the lens is set to the A position or not? Thanks in advance!

  10. Thank you for this material, it has been very useful. One naive question though : When you want to shoot a double exposure, how do you divide the exposition time in 2, so the film doesn't get blown. Do you use exposure compensation?

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