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Canon 90D Tutorial Training Overview & Tips Video

Canon 90D Crash Course Training Tutorial. Available Now!:

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Canon 90D Optical Focusing System Tutorial

Canon 90D Wifi Set Up Tutorial:

00:00 – Intro
02:05 – External Buttons
11:50 – Camera Setup
17:03 – Back LCD
20:25 – Info Screen
20:49 – Quick Menu
24:40 – Video Quick Menu
27:05 – Black Q Screen
30:04 – Custom Controls
31:31 – Touch Screen
33:28 – Exposure control
34:56 – Aperture Priority
45:16 – Shutter Priority
46:48 – ISO
49:52 – Program Mode
51:11 – Manual Mode
52:51 – Auto ISO
54:29 – White Balance
56:57 – Custom WB
1:00:18 – Metering Modes
1:03:07 – Focusing Systems
1:04:57 – Focusing Modes
1:05:40 – Recomposing
1:07:43 – Focusing Clusters
1:11:26 – Continuous AF
1:12:19 – Face / Eye Detection
1:14:00 – Pulling Focus
1:14:54 – Manual Zoom Focusing
1:15:43 – Manual Focus Peaking
1:16:52 – Back Button Focusing
1:19:03 – Video Focusing
1:22:02 – Menu System
1:23:40 – Image Quality
1:27:18 – Still img aspect ratio
1:27:51 – Image Review
1:27:59 – Release shutter without card
1:28:16 – Lens aberration correction
1:29:20 – Flash Control
1:30:02 –
1:31:23 – ISO Speed settings
1:32:31 – Auto Lighting Optimizer
1:32:48 – Highlight tone priority
1:33:15 – Metering Timer0
1:34:01 – Expo.simulation
1:35:06 – White Balance
1:35:13 – Custom White Balance
1:35:21 – WB Shift/Bkt.
1:35:58 – Color Space
1:36:09 – Picture Style
1:37:24 – Long exp. noise reduction
1:37:46 – High ISO speed NR
1:37:54 – Duste Delete Data
1:38:29 – Shutter mode
1:40:18 – Live View Shoot
1:40:29 – Multiple exposure
1:41:25 – Interval timer
1:41:59 – Bulb timer
1:43:04 – Focus Bracketing
1:43:53 – AF Method
1:44:00 – Eye Detection AF
1:44:07 – Continuous AF
1:44:41 – Lens electronic MF
1:45:05 – AF-assist beam firing
1:45:18 – MF Peaking Settings
1:45:36 – Video Shooting Settings
1:47:18 – Sound Recording
1:48:34 – Movie digital IS
1:48:49 – Lens aberration correction
1:48:56 – Time-lapse movie
1:50:02 – Remote control
1:50:08 – Video snapshot
1:50:25 – HDMI info dis
1:50:56 – Shooting Video With LED Lights
1:52:08 – Anti Flicker
1:52:40 – Mirror Lockup
1:53:07 – Protect Images
1:53:53 – Rotate Images
1:54:12 – Erase images
1:55:24 – Print Order
1:56:08 – Creative Filters
1:57:55 – RAW image processing
1:58:57 – Creative Assist
1:59:44 – Quick Control RAW processing
2:00:04 – Red-eye correction
2:00:22 – Create Album
2:00:30 – Cropping
2:01:04 – Rating
2:02:07 – Slide Show
2:02:38 – Set image search conditions
2:03:18 – Image jump w/ Wheel
2:03:52 – Playback information display
2:05:06 – highlight alert
2:05:55 – AF point disp.
2:06:26 – View from last seen
2:06:43 – WiFi Settings
2:07:35 – Select Folder
2:08:00 – File numbering
2:08:39 – Auto rotate
2:08:56 – Formate Card
2:09:42 – Auto power off
2:09:52 – Disp. Brightness
2:10:03 – Date/time/Zone
2:10:09 – Language
2:10:16 – Video System
2:10:26 – Touch Control
2:11:11 – Sensor Cleaning
2:12:54 – Viewfinder Display
2:13:16 – Info Button Display options
2:13:33 – HDMI resolution
2:13:44 – HDMI HDR output
2:14:54 – Multi function Lock
2:15:36 – Custom shooting mode (C1,C2)
2:16:50 – Clear all camera settings
2:16:55 – Copyright information
2:17:33 – Manual/Software URL
2:18:02 – Custom Settings
2:21:34 – My Menu Settings
2:24:39 – Michaels Recommended Lenses/Outro

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* If you purchase something from my affiliate links, I will get a small commission with no extra cost to you.
* Everything stated here is my opinion, and I sometimes make mistakes. I will never recommend a product I do not either use, truly love or think would be the best fit for the situation (often determined by budget).

Canon 90D Body Only

Canon 90D with 18-135mm Lens

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  1. I am stuck pretty early in this video. I do not have the Exposure simulation as an option on Red page 2 or anywhere else I can find. Any ideas how to remedy this? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I just bought my 90D, I am a professional photographer since 2006 and my previous camera was a 60D, so in many ways I did upgraded a lot my game. And I am watching this video and learning new ways of playing with the cam. I had a doubt but it's already solved in the comments below. So far, a really good and complete tutorial.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. BRAVO! I downloaded the Canon menu for my 90D and began to ……lose my Marbles, just as you did in the beginning! lol I chose this camera to hopefully be the last camera I ever buy, DSLR vs. Mirrorless because they are painfully compact and those postage-stamp batteries are said to run out so quickly. I'm a big guy anyway and love the larger, easier to grasp(Literally!) gear. An A-10 Warthog vs. a Cessna Citation pretty much!
    You are my New Canon Coach!! I'll still keep the manual online though! 🙂 WJ in NJ, USA!!

  4. Just upgraded from the 70D which was a great camera, but there is so much more to learn with the 90D, this video is superb, you explain everything so clearly, I will be watching it many times, thank you so much!

  5. Like others, I'm upgrading to the 90D. Excellent tutorial! Clear and specific to each feature. I'm sure I'll be checking out your other videos as soon as my new camera arrives. Thanks for making these videos.

  6. So planning to buy your crash course but I already get everything what i need to know on this video? What makes me to buy your course? I mean, what else contents is in crash course?

  7. Hi, thanks for the tutorial! New to all of this and I don’t have the Exposure Simulation feature on page two of the red menu—. I have the first four items but nothing after— is there something I need to do to add that so that it can be enabled?

  8. I'm late to the party and just got the 90D. I can't seem to find the Exposure Simulation Enable setting on the menu, at least not on page 2. Any suggestions?

  9. Hi Michael and thanks for this video! I have a question for the rec setting @1:46:15 . I don't get the option of 4k, 30fps, but 25 fps instead. Was wondering if this has to do with the speed of the sd card. I use a SanDisk extreme pro 170mB/s

  10. But I got the 90d just recently and I don’t have exact same menu option but here showing preset,background blur,brightness ,contrast etc on the bottom of screen can you please help me to set it?

  11. I was heavily into film photography in the late 90's – early 2000's, I just purchased the Cannon 90D and I have decided to treat it like I know nothing about photography as I think Digital photography is going to be a bit different. I am using your video to become a bit more acquainted to my camera. Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated.

  12. I've watched this from start to finish. Very useful info and I'm guilty of using my old T5i in the "dummy mode." Now that I've upgraded to the 90D I want to really utilize my camera and learn all its features. Thx for this video!

  13. Michael, thank you for the in depth tutorial on the 90D. I've been using my 80D for years and am now awaiting delivery of my 90D from B&H. You're a fantastic instructor! Aloha!

  14. Finally after much saving and looking I bought a 90d. I've been using Canon for years. Thanks for this video. You're amazing at explaining. I was convinced to buy a uv lens and I know it's not going to change things but bought for protecting the front glass of the lens. Maybe a good move?

  15. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just purchased the Canon 90D a view weeks ago and this video helped me alot to understand all it's features. Because this video was so helpful and well done, I purchased your 900D crash course and I'm looking forward to learn even more.

  16. Michael, I'm doing this awesome tutorial in stages, and I can't overstate how useful it is. This is the first camera I've owned with MF Peaking and I didn't even know what it was called until now! You're a star.

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