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Canon 90D | Top 7 Tips & Tricks

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  1. 5:50
    “Switching back and forth to 120fps is too much ,gonna miss shots”
    Set 120fps in the custom menu, easier & faster function that way when you need it just go to custom mode

  2. hi, i have a 5d mark 4 camera and all my lences are full frame , how can i use my full frame lences on this crop frame camera Thanks for your video, i really like it .

  3. I am a visual artist 🎨 (painter) and im trying to decide the best camera setup for recoding myself paint (to create lessons for aspiring artists, and also to make extremely high resolution large limited edition prints on canvas -> stiching together 4 or more images to make an enormous one) TL [32] + TR [32] = 64 megapixels
    BL [32] + BR [32] = 64 megapixels

    = 128 megapixel image
    Im talking about doing 4 foot wide x 4 foot tall and possibly larger prints

    What camera and lens setup should I have

  4. Is it good for landscape?
    Can you plzz recommend 2 budget lenses for landscape photography, iam looking for a good travel camera for around 1500$ including lenses.

    Can you plz help me.. I don't want to edit my photos much.. I want best colors straight out of the camera
    Iam stuck between sony a6400 and canon 90d…

  5. Is anyone else having focusing issue using the center AF point? It doesn’t seem to focus well compared to when using multiple focus points e.g., center AF zone.

  6. Would like to know what you think about the photography and whether this camera is capable? I know its got 30 megapixels but smartphones are also catching up!

  7. hey i am taking this camera but what is the great lens for wildlife photography…. it must have a image stabilizer and it must be a cheap… please help me out

  8. I know your more like a video guy, but about the photography on the Canon 90D. I really want to get it, i do love it a lot. But what can i know about the photography side of this camera

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