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Canon 90D Review For Video | Best Video Settings For the Canon 90D

⭐Canon 90D
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  1. You have mentioned in another review before (concerning CANON 90D) saying this camera is not recommended for cinematic filmmakers due to the missing cinematic color profiles. Does this mean downloading this EOS utility would be a solution and therefore Canon 90D could be recommended for cinematic filmmakers? 
    (The review I am referring to is "Canon 90D | Is It Worth The Buy in 2020?" and was published a couple months before this current review).

  2. Many thanks! How do you turn on MANUAL FOCUS for video? Even when I turn on MF on the lens, the 90D keeps focussing automatically.
    Please help!

  3. Great job thanks…I down loaded cinestyle.and canon utility …but cant' see my camera to download it to my 90d as I select the folders…to select remote.. and to complete the rest…

  4. Was forced to dislike the video because you said you would provide the link to download the Cinestyle profile, and you did not. This was my sole reason for watching this video and it was a failure and a waste of my time. Thanks!

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