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Canon 5D Mark IV – The Best Camera For Photography – Here's Why

Looking to upgrade to the camera of your dreams and finally take photography seriously? I am here to say that the Canon 5D Mark IV is by far the best camera for all things photography. If you just starting out or in the need to upgrade OR want to take photography seriously then you have to check this camera body out. In this video I go through the things that I think make this camera body the best in 2019. I use the Canon 5D mark IV for all my shoots and I love it. This camera is an absolute UNIT of a camera and I am sure it can help you in your photography journey.

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  1. Saying this is the best camera is wrong. I would agree that the 5dmiv is a great camera. But the 1dx mii and mark iii blow this away. But if we're talking about for the money get a (used)1dx mii body only …if you really want the best.

  2. Canon 5dmiv is a good camera but nothing beats the Canon 1dxmii and miii. Plus the 5dsr captures finer details than the 5dmiv but it's auto focus isn't as good or fps is not quite as high. I use all the above plus two 7d mii bodies. Conon rocks and has never failed me in the field. Since 1977 to today. Best glass for the money plus huge selection of glass and accessories.

  3. You must have got lucky. I have one that Canon claims is fine but has terrible issues with noise from ISO 320 upwards. Makes the Mark 2 look like the best camera for photography…

  4. Nice vid. Totally agree, I don’t know why so many reviewers hate this camera – it’s so awesome! I love mine and think it is a killer combo with the L lens system. The customisation of the function buttons rocks. Such a user-friendly setup.

  5. I upgraded from the 5D Mk II to the Mk IV about 4 months ago. The Mk IV is simply amazing. The main thing that helps me is being able to shoot candids at 6400 ISO and beyond. The Mark II obviously still does great, but now I have a true low light option.

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