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Canon 5D Mark II in 2021 (Part 1 – Photo)

It’s been a year since we’ve added the Canon 5D Mark II to our equipment lineup. How does it fair up compared to more modern DSLRs and mirrorless cameras?


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  1. My used 5d Mk II has less than 5000 shutter count and looks brand new. It came with the OEM box and all accessories, batteries and papers as did the vertical battery grip. All for less than $300.

    Why do people beat hell out of equipment that cost $$$$s of dollars?

  2. This is April 2021 and I'm a proud owner of Canon 5DII. I bought it used in July 2018 with a shutter count of only 5k. Now it's 33k.

    Being fully satisfied with all the features it possesses, I plan to use it for ten years more from today.

    If a choice of either brand new R5 or 5DII is offered to me at same price, I pick up 5DII.

  3. 1. Display is crap/trash – how the hell has Canon bild a Minecraft simulator into a cam??!
    2. In manual mode, ISO400 is max in A – Iso mode!
    3. Autofokus – just the 1 main dot is ok.
    4. Light/White Point Adjustment is trash!

    This camera is just a compromise if you don´t have money. I have the 5DM2 and the 90D, the 90D is 1000000x better! Its a HUUUGE diference!

  4. I bought bought in on ebay for £450 low shutter count mint condition it's build like a tank rugged good image quality I love it as it's became my top above of my other latest cameras for indoor portraits.

  5. Abnormally high pixel count may only come into play if billboard size prints are required. In reality no one needs that. 45, 50, 61 megapixels are all silly publicity stunts aimed at illiterate audience.
    Again, when actually I need 50 mp or higher resolution, why should I use a 35mm camera? I'll use a medium format equipment which will produce far cleaner noise-free images with its bigger pixels.

  6. Realizing the real photography power of this legendary DSLR; I bought one used in 2018. Luckily got it almost new with only 5k shutter count. So, after paying 700 dollars for this gem; I didn't feel overpaying. This camera turns out outstanding image quality for the purposes it is meant for. IMO, this is the best landscape and indoor photography camera even in 2020. Granted, the modern cameras pack host of additional features. Simply, I don't need those. Love my 5DII.
    Also found another used gem, the old kit lens EF 28-135mm IS. This is one of the best walk-around lenses for this camera. I'm sure this old lens of mine will outlive a modern EF 24-105mm f/4L. The image quality of the oldie is also great. It sits on its old buddy 5DII most of the time.

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