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Camera sensor sizes and its impact on photography explained in best way

Camera sensor sizes explained in the best way and its impact on photography.
Video Contents:
• Importance of sensors [01:05]
• Image Circle [01:42]
• Field of View & Angle of View [03:04]
• Different types of sensors [03:48]
• Full Frame [03:55]
• APS-C [04:27]
• APS-H [05:16]
• Micro Four Thirds [05:37]
• Other Formats [05:55]
• Medium Format [06:39]
• Impact of sensor size on AOV & FOV [07:01]
• Impact of sensor size on Lenses [07:35]
• Impact of sensor size on Depth of Field [08:56]
• Depth of Field explained [09:09]
• Impact of sensor size on Photography [13:05]

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Best Point and Shoot for Vlogging:
Canon G7X Mark II (
Sony RX100 Mark VI (

Professional Photography:
Canon 1Dx Mark II (
Sony alpha A7 Mark III (Good for Videography) (
Sony alpha A7R Mark III (Good for photography) (

Action camera:
GoPro (
DJI Osmo Action (
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360 degree Camera:
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Polaroid/Instant Camera:
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 (


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**Compare any two cameras**


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