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Camera Gear for Pet Photography | 2020

Camera Gear for Pet Photography 2020 video is finally here! Last year I filmed a gear video during my transition to Sony. Have I fully converted? Why did I choose the gear I chose?

Lighting gear video coming up.

If you want to see my video gear let me know.

Amazon Affiliate links (which means I could earn a small amount of money from Amazon ) are here:

Sony A7Riii

Sony A9ii

Tamron 17-28 2.8

Sony 70-200 2.8

Sony 200-600mm

Studio Light

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Gimbal Weebil S

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My Courses:
“Cell Phone Photography for Pet Lovers”
is full of tips in a one hour video with pdfs.
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“Cat Photography 101”
Created for Bloggers, animal rescue and shelter photographers and cat lovers. Approx. 1 hour of video instruction and 15 page ebook. Topics include: Animal Photography Tips, Backgrounds, Lighting, Camera Settings and Post Processing.
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New Course “Fundraising with Photographers”
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Amazon Affiliate Links to more Gear I Use:

Portable Background Stand (similar to mine)

Travel Lightstand Bag (similar idea to mine)

Lens Cup

Lingo Book

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Monique Renee


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  1. I like my A7iii and enjoy using the A6600 also! My go to lenses are the 28-75mm f/2.8 Tamron and the 70-200mm f/4G OSS lens… I am thinking of substituting the Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 lens for the 70-200mm f/4G…

  2. I am not stuck on anything yet. I like the 85mm 1.4 since I shoot a lot of portraits. I donated my Tamron cam bag because it didn't seem to work for me. I shoot with Nikon. I recently got a Nikon D750, but notice so many have transitioned from Canon to Sony. I don't hear about Nikon too much, but it's what I started with as a child. I love your shirt. I'm sure you have a video on why you decided to shoot pets. I'd love to know. I may rent a Sony one day to check out the hype. I've seen beautiful pics from the Sony.

  3. Thanks for another great video! Can you tell me what fstop you generally use for taking pet photos? I know it always depends on the situation but…just the average range ?!

  4. BEST TEN CENT PIECE OF GEAR FOR PET PHOTOGRAPHY – We all know that pet can be attracted towards the camera with a squeaking noise… You can use squeak toy but that takes up one hand. You can have someone else use the squeak toy but, often they won't be able to get the pets eyes to lock onto the lens without getting the squeak toy itself in the frame.
    I use one of these squeakers and hold it between my teeth to activate the noise.

    The pet thinks that the noise is coming from the camera and looks directly at the lens. The squeakers are available at craft stores such as Joanne's or much less expensively on eBay. At a dime each, you can't beat them. I buy them in small lots of ten since, I will sometimes lose one during the shoot.

  5. I am seriously working on switching from Nikon to Sony. I am actually renting this weekend the Sony A7iii with the 24-70 GM. My challenge is that should I buy the Sony A7riv or wait for the A7iv that is rumor to come out. I like your input on the MB size and fully agree. Love your video's! 🇨🇦

  6. Your videos are so helpful, thank you! Regarding your 50mm comment – I'm often using a 35mm in small spaces, which with my crop sensor camera is like a 50mm. I find it really hard to get both eyes of a pet in focus with this camera. Any tips for that?!

  7. thank you for another entertaining vid, I love seeing what others use! I switched from canon to fuji as I needed smaller lighter kit, and i adore it, most used lens prob 35mm 1.4 for inside the shelters, 50-140 2.8 for outside x

  8. I’m a Canon user and love the 24-70 f2.8 using that 100%. Your videos on mirrorless cameras have really interested me. I am looking forward to Canon’s full frame EOS R5 release and I might make the switch.

  9. OMG this video was SO fun. I love your energy, your style and most of all, your knowledge and tips. I recently upgraded to a Canon M50 (for Youtube videos/thumbnails) and I feel clueless. So excited to learn more about photography and camera gear from you and bonus, practice taking pics of my sisters gorgeous pit bull.

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