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Camera Carry For Cyclists/Mountain Bikers Who Do Photography

In this video I want to talk about how I carry a camera when doing mountain biking photography, as well as what’s in my bag.

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  1. Sometimes I forget that my jokes don't always translate or that many people take things at face value. I am definitely NOT a professional mountain biker. I thought that joke would be obvious. But just so everyone knows. 🙂

  2. Way to send those gnarly features brah! Lol! Love it. Your first image is literally out my front door right now. Sorry we weren't able to connect this time. Hopefully catch you on the flippy floppy.

  3. More of these bike + camera videos! As a cyclist and budding "photographer", trying to figure out how to carry a camera and also take pictures while riding is a huge pain point of mine.

  4. Great subject., thank you I am fond of trail biking and very often I would have love to have a camera with me. I am wondering how I could carry one without breaking it, bust mostly if I wouldn't damage the camera just with the vibrations of the trail.
    And btw my Scott Tahoe is 30 years old and I wouldn't swap it for a more modern bike. But I reckon the trails here are far less demanding that those in Utah. And the biker himself is just enjoying the journey, not pushing too hard on the pedals 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Is in a similar situation as you. What would you say about Dji osmo pocket for MTB photography compared to these two cameras?

  6. Hi Andrew, cool Video! Would be cool to learn more about your MTB background, your channel on IG is great, too. I have a similar background, although I am by no means a professional cyclist. So would be cool to see more bike/photo related content 🙂

    Best to you

  7. That pouch you mention is very nice and it's really great to have something strapped to your front where you can just reach, get the camera and take that awesome shot. Unfortunately a few years ago I had quite a bad fall while snowboarding. At that time I was carrying my phone in a front pocket that happened to be exactly over the lowest rib, the one that comes out a bit. When I hit the ground I fell basically on that phone. Result: cracked rib. Not the end of the world but I don't want to imagine what it would be like flying and falling a compact camera. So sadly for me it will be reaching to the back every time or searching for an alternative solution. Cheers

  8. Andrew, thank you for the recommendation, I was literally just wondering how to carry my camera on my bike trips! Messing with all the bag straps and taking it off everytime I want to photograph is tedious and, similarly like you, I find myself not shooting very much. This sounds perfect. However, I noticed the Medium version of the pack is not anymore available, would you mind confirming that the small will fit xX100V with filter, lens hood and Gordy's strap (albeit tightly)? Thank you once more, appreciated!

  9. I must be old. I used disposable film cameras out on the trails. Then I had an Olympus stylus where the body cover slid over the lens and it was waterproof too! Gotta get back out on the bike. Need a $150.00 camera too.

  10. HI Andrew, great review! I Worked work with that setup when hiking because for biking Im still worried to knock the camera in case I go OTB. For biking I just got myself the EVOC StageCapture. Its such a great bag. Does all you need plus you get suepr easy access to your camera and can even brign a bunch of fuji lenses (on longer days I just leave some at home and use the gaines space for emergency parts. Now I only bring my XT2 and have it ready within a second. Definitley worth to have a look at! Keep up the good work and keep riding!

  11. Think Tank 30 Digital Holster + full size DSLR + 100-400mm lens … is my solution , it can be chest mounted if need be. I shoot wildlife and ride my bike to trailheads, lock the bike hike around do my photoshoots then back to the bike and on home or to the next location.

  12. Oh dear, i am just about to get the xt4 and you are telling me i need an additional compact camera for cycling 😥😥😥. Well. Good watch as always 👊

  13. Nice vid. Do you recommend a good strap which wraps around your back for road cycling? I have the X-T3 and use the 23mm prime when solo riding in the countryside. Struggling to find a nice strap as a backpack isn’t an option. Thanks, keep up the quality work ✌🏽

  14. I find your comments and assessments very interesting and valuable! HOWEVER – the current style of flipping about from straightforward to three-quarter camera viewpoint is enormously annoyingly and distracting!!! I will be very happy when everyone finally tires of this conceit!!! Now that I’ve vented…. I have the original LX-100 with the flippy lenscap and love it for quick grab and shooting. My X-Pro 2 is more capable, but a lot bulkier and heavier. Everything that you say about the LX-100 is spot on and when my son needed a camera for a trip to Scotland, I sent the little Lumix along with him and it worked out great! 😁

  15. I race on the road…..find it hard to carry that much…….using a GX7 (1st gen) for easy ride days……also Lumix Shock proof cam for a bit more wet days….
    most of all, my Shimano Action Cam mounted below my Garmin and Saddle allow me to shoot while on high speed roll……
    I managed to slide the front Shimano cam out to snap on the fly images when it is not in crazy speed as well……

  16. I was urban riding on my Salsa Fargo with my D7100 w/ 18-200 zoom stashed in my Ortlieb Ultimate Six classic handlebar bag in SE FL recently and as I was zipping down the overpass and jumped off the curb unfortunately my D7100 came bouncing out of my bag and tumbled on the road. 🙁 So… perhaps now is the time to move to mirrorless… hence, strongly looking at Fuji vs. Canon… Thanks for your vids, they are very informative. 🙂

  17. Hey guys, just wanted to say that I’m not a Fuji shooter but have found your channel very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work. You may convince me to give up my Sony haha.

  18. Really interesting video. I carry more photography gear but in a 'swivelling' back pack – LowePro SlingShot 100 AW. The All Weather part is important in the UK – rain / mud, rather than dust, being the issue. I can pack enough in the bag but, even with the swivelling open-sided design, it's not as accessible as a front pouch.

  19. I am currently trying to solve the same thing. The issue is that I ride gravel/CX in a more leaning forward position and I just cannot stand any bag on my back. And if I take one I have got pins and needles in my fingers soon. I have got couple of small bags on my bike, so that should be ok for a very small camera, however accesibility is not great. I am thinking of trying Sony RX100 or some older Fuji X100. I have had Panasonic LX100 mk1 for couple of years but there were some things that made me sell it. It was only 12mpix, dynamic range was not very good, image stabilisation did not work in video (it seems in mk2 it still does not), video AF was crappy, but most importantly it missed focus in 10-15% photos when using DFD focusing. I have read somewhere that it was known issue and there is no fix apart from using only contrast focusing which was painfully slow.

  20. Your lighting setup is all very 'artistic' but, when demonstrating a product like the PD pouch for example, it just isn't up to the job — there's too much shadow. Please add illumination. Thanks.

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