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Buy / Build a PC for Photoshop 2021 – PC Specs for the Complete Experience (with Nvidia RTX Card)

In this video we look at options for a decent PC build for Photoshop Users in Summer 2021.

With graphics cards being priced into oblivion by the current demand spike, do you need to settle for something less, a PC that is barely more powerful than a laptop? Or can you go hard and obtain a powerful machine at a reason price? This video says you can go hard.

The focus is on buying a machine, but there are some clues and hints for building too.

DELL – custom build with nVidia RTX 2060Ti

Acer (Currently pre-order – June 2021) – Intel with RTX 3060 – Intel with RTX 3060Ti – Intel with nVidia RTX 3070

Acer ConceptD – with nVidia Quadro

Advice on Storage expansion:

Introducing the New Windows 10:

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  1. Photoshop disables some functionality based on your hardware? That makes no sense unless it needs raytracing.
    Changing power supply is equivalent to building new pc? What? Is this some dell specific BS? Power supply is small cube thing you can easily replace in normal computers.
    Also dell has really dodgy business practices like forcing dell support, antivirus when buying, and bloating their pcs with bloatware.

  2. I'd have added 16GB more, mostly for people doing heavy print work (large files ie 1meter x 70cm , 300dpi, raster), or RAW editing stuff. But other than that, perfect machine. The 11700 is quite powerful. Maybe AMD has a better upgrade path (more CPUs to place later once a 5900 or 5950 goes down in price, a 5800X would be now at a nice price point, and surely more powerful, but you can go for a 5950X later on, which is kind of tied in single core (if overclocking the 11900k) with the intel's top, the 11900k depending on the app, but… apps more and more are using more cores, and that would only evolve in that direction (even if Photoshop is doing it only in some areas, it's mostly single core for now…and the 11900k is way more toasty, requiring much better cooling, is less energy efficient, by far, a lot more waste in electricity, less nicer for the environment, etc) …You can do more simultaneous taks with 16 cores (32 threads) versus 8 ). Although with only 16 GB, there would be less of an advantage in having more cores: you can have Photoshop and many more stuff concurrently with a 5950X (16 cores) or even a 5900X (12 cores) and still keep the machine completely fluid.

    But overall it's a good deal, and anyway people tend to change the whole machine in 5 years (I don't).

    I'm working GREATLY with all 2D apps with a 1650 4GB non super, so, 1660 ti 6GB should be plenty. I know it's fine for Premiere, too. (and good choice of nVidia for apps… NVENC encoder for video/streaming, and well, puget and other tests keep giving higher benchmarks to nvidia (equivalent) cards, when it's about apps for work (in games is more about trading blows).

    The 2060 Super i s way much better card for work, its processor capability is quite above the 1660 ti, definitely for editing video with Davinci Resolve Studio (the commercial version) instead of Premiere, much a better choice, as, unlike Premiere, Davinci Studio, uses heavily the graphic card, and the more VRAM (the 2060 Super has 8Gb) , the larger resolution of the project you can work on without problems (and effects, layers, filters, etc). Also quite better for GPU based 3D rendering solutions. Like if you would be GPU rendering (it's much faster) with Blender Cycles (very good benchmarks of the 2060 S) instead of with CPU. All that is out of the scope of photoshop-only usage, but many freelancers have to do a bit of everything (that's why I mention it…).

    ConceptD from Acer tends to provide with a very professional monitor, even in laptops. Wide color range and even certified (by X-Rite, Pantone, etc) in terms of color accuracy and other professional matters.

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