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Bird photography ,Tips and tricks for kingfisher using canon 7d mk 2,sigma 150-600mm

#birdphotography #wildlifephotography

Bird Photography vlog looking for the kingfisher. Using my canon 7d mk ii and my sigma 150-600mm contemporary i look for and talk about taking photographs of this stunning fresh water fishing bird. Tips on finding wildlife and advice about general wildlife photography. At the end of the video i show you a photograph of a kingfisher taken at this location.
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Here’s a video I’d like you to watch-

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Canon 7d mark 2
Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens

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  1. Hi Jason , really love your down to earth , see it as it is type presentations . I've just semi retired and been looking into buying a camera to catch some of the things I see as I walk the dog , go on hols to the lakes and Isle of Mull , + motor spot events . ( we live out in the sticks with dear , buzzards , kingfishers etc on our doorstep )
    I've never had a digital camera ! , so I've spent the last couple of years trolling the net for advice .
    I got my used 7D ii body on ebay 4 months ago ( that was the easy bit ) then I had to buy a lens . ( or 2 )
    This was the moment I realised I didn't have a clue what I was doing , though the 7Dii book for Dummies was great , over the next 3 months I might have bought lenses I didn't really need ! ( 24mm , 50mm , 85mm and 150-250mm )
    Yes I've taken some lovely shots of stuff with the lenses I got , but I need to get closer ! , this is why I'm bidding on a Sigma 150-600 S ( ebay ) .
    Even though you sound like you might live " over till " I could do with spending about a month with you to show me camera settings Haha

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