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Bike News Review – July 2021 Edition

Bike News Review – July 2021 Edition: Time for another Bike News – in this episode I discuss the new limited edition Honda CB1000R 5four, the new Voge 500DS, BMW F900XR versus Triumph Tiger 900 GT versus Yamaha Tracer9 GT, New Triumph Speedmaster, Royal Enfield Continental GT650, Bad Winner DIY Custom Enfield, Changes to the BMW lineup, Furygan In&Motion Airbag Vest, KTM Super Adventure S versus Dicati Multistrada V4S versus BMW S1000XR, New Norton, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Krazy Horse Customs bike meet, Harley-Davidson Pan America versus BMW R1250GS, Triumphs new enduro bikes, New Harley-Davidson Sportster S, Suzuki GSX-S1000 versus Honda CB1000R versus Yamaha MT-10 plus lots more!

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  1. yamaha mt10 sp with the touring bits from the yamaha catalog is pretty much my dream sports tourer , i cant think of a more capable and plesent sports tourer , on the shopping list for sure

  2. Good work on the news! But you lost a star or two when commenting on that guy's physical apperance.. Totally unnecessary and lack of respect. Why not focus the guy's merits instead – thats why he is portrayed!

  3. Test rode the new bonnie 1200 at an event last week and what a revelation that front end is really sorted now so much so I’m considering getting one now as previous model not quite right. As I two up mainly the one to go for ?
    Royal Enfield please make a bigger 900 ish for two up lovers ?? 😀

  4. Top month review. My dad's just downsized. His problems were as you said, moving the bike around. He loves his new 250 Virago. I'm happy as he can still go out with his mates. All over 70 years old.
    I wonder if the manufacturers will cotton onto the aging European biker population. I reckon a light retro low 400cc would sell.

  5. These bikes maybe 4-5k cheaper to buy but as James Wilson mentioned below, these Chinese bikes may need more frequent servicing coupled with with inferior build and poor residual values. if short term ownership has poor return when resell and long term ownership issues with lower quality and increased cost of servicing; I do wonder if Europe is not really the main market for these bikes. In Malaysia big bikes are expensive so these bikes will reach down to some buyers who want a bigger cc bike but cant afford the extra cash for better quality. I think Andy you could maybe do a long term test (2 years say) with a TRK502 or similar to check on the above.

  6. I think you should scratch that MT10 itch👍 It's great value and I still think it's the best bike I've ever owned even after 5 years and 25,000 miles. The current crop of Euro 4 bikes are about at the pinnacle of the development of the internal combustion engine, further development will be mostly to reduce emissions and noise.

  7. My favorite touring bike? Have to say that BMW 1250 RT is the best if you go with a pillion. But if I go alone I prefer the KTM Super Duke GT. This bike is a real pleasure to ride and after riding every other bike feels like something you eat but without salt!😂

  8. You may remember Kels & I bought a Crossrunner last December with the intention of some European touring. Well, that didn't happen and won't for some time. The CR although not huge was quite weighty and not easy to push around. At 57 I'm definitely feeling the effects of arthritis too. After a serious "use case analysis" of what we want from a bike we chopped in the CR last month and now have a 2021 Triumph T100. We love it! It's perfect for what we really need a bike for. It has just something about it which is so very satisfying. It's not particularly heavy, easy to handle with a low seat height. Economy is twice what I'd get with the CR (especially if you "visit" vtec territory often). For the more mature biker or someone who wants to slow down a little but not lose any of the things that bring you joy I'd say the Street Twin or T100 bring you "downsizing" without compromise 👍😁

    The super light clutch and flawless ride-by-wire power delivery are the antidote for arthritic hands too 😁

  9. Interesting piece on downsizing. I obviously think age has a lot to do with it but personal stature makes a big difference. I'm 76 (luckily I have no ailments) and ride a 2019 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner which is quite a tall heavy beast. I have no weight problem with it but, the stature bit, I am 6' 4" and weigh just under 19 stone. I would definitely say this machine would be a no no for anybody of slight stature with or without joint or muscle problems.

  10. Agh no man Airbag vests? Rather a Martin Baker ejector device. Still waiting to be convinced that Norton2 will do the honorable thing for those Norton1 owners. Pan America vs GS? This was an April Fools fake news joke?

  11. Another good one….. Also thanks TMF for saving me a few quid. I haven’t renewed my MCN subscription this year because I don’t have the time to do anything other than skim through each issue on a weekly basis. Have now gone back to a Ride subscription and use your monthly review for the best bits of MCN. Keep up the good work…….

  12. Hi Andy,
    Great content as usual, speed reading, you didn’t even have time for a slurp 🤪
    Good article regarding ‘is it time to downsize’?
    I’m 72 and still riding my BMW F800GT, still happy as the weight is low down but I guess time will tell.

  13. I have downsized. Had a wonderful VFR1200X DCT Crosstourer on which I toured Europe and the UK for 17,000 miles. I'm now 66 with some ailments and as you say found pushing it around and in and out of the garage increasingly difficult. I failed to get it on the center stand frequently. I now ride the new Honda NC750x DCT. What a transformation. The DCT is 3 generations newer and it shows, what a peach. The weight, although not the lightest, is held low down with the fuel being under the rear seat. Plenty enough poke and the modes do make a big difference.

  14. MCN should pay you not to do this, I’ve not bought one since you started doing this 😂 as ever great content and info. Getting on in years myself so chopped in the V4 Speciale and bought a Z900RS Cafe for the lanes and a 900 Rally Pro for some euro adventure at some point!. 
    I so hope Norton get it together I owned a 2014 cafe and had a deposit down on a V4SS but managed to get my deposit back before it went tits up. Shocking smoke and mirrors set up both Stuart and Simon, let’s hope at the minimum they have sleepless nights. Good luck to the new owners looking forward to seeing what’s on offer at the NEC. 🏍💨

  15. With all that's going on under the banner of climate change I've lost interest in spending on new bikes now.
    As time goes on all petrol and diesel vehicles owners are going to come under increasing pressure not to drive or ride. I wouldn't be surprised if bans on non essential travel come into effect. ANPR technology makes that viable. Let's face it, for most of us a bike exists solely for the recreational burning of fossil fuel which puts us in a very uncertain place in the current climate of hysteria. I'm getting the feeling that we're coming to the end now sooner rather than later. Spending money on a bike now feels like investing in obsolete technology, so I'll plod onto the end with what I've got. I certainly won't be riding around on a giant battery.

  16. Had to say something even with arthritis you should get a bike suites I no its hard to do that been back on for just over a year yes it gets painful afterwards lol but what the hell I am 70 now I have benelli 502c and a triumph 900 street twin love them both anyway ride safe

  17. I worked in China for 3 years and I totally get the vitriol against their government. However, Chinese manufacturers make great products for export. It’s the stuff for domestic sale that can be awful. China is also leading the way for electric vehicles at affordable prices. I’ll probably buy 2 e-bikes (one dirt and one city)for less than half the price of one Zero e-bike.

  18. Hi all. I own a Honda 500x and it is a great bike. The oil change intervals are every 8000 miles with a filter every 16000 miles! The valve inspection is every 16000 miles. I had mine checked with no adjustment need. I found a service schedule for the Voge 500DS. The oil and filter changes are every 3000 miles and valve inspection every 3000! So if you still think that a Chinese engine is as good as a Honda you are ignoring the indisputable facts!

  19. Another good review, two topics of interest to me, first one being getting older, weight and down sizing . I'm 63 year old 1250 GS ADV rider, the point you made about a low centre of gravity really applies with the GS, as you well know, and for me personally I'm still reasonably strong and fit, but my balance isn't as good as it once was, and on a couple of occasions whilst manoeuvring about I have lost my balance and gently dropped it, my way of dealing with the odd mishap is added protection to the bike with buffer blocks I have made and installed on the contact points on the crash bars and the aluminium cases, it just offers a bit of peace of mind when I'm at my clumsy best. And lastly Chinese bikes I think your take on not just ignoring them is right, and leave the politics to the individuals choice, you have just presented the fact. Thank you and keep up with the good work..

  20. On a sidenote. When you are recording nightriding in your reviews, try doing it just as the sun is setting in the horizon and make sure the sun is behind you. It should give your headlight more justice.

  21. Hi 👋 TMF, I have been using the RST In&motion airbag textile jacket for a few months now and I’m so impressed I wouldn’t ride without it. What’s more In&motion have told me you can have the one account and swap the unit that you take out and charge, and use in another jacket or vest etc 👍🏻

  22. Yes I like your “bike news” and usually watch it. I get MCN myself but it’s useful to compare notes and get a recap. Your news is usually one week behind the last edition for the month, but that doesn’t matter. Regarding all these bikes with a similar spec, I suggest the way people narrow can down favourites is to choose the engine you like most. I prefer twins, so the winner for me out those three you mention at the beginning is the one with the twin engine. It’s a bike’s engine that keeps you company and gets you going, so choose the one you like most.

  23. Looking forward to the Enfield reveal, I’ve got the same bike and am looking at what to do with her ( as well as riding her obviously).
    Love the bike news, thank you and keep it up.
    BTW why folks and not kids? I hope this isn’t Euro 5 related?

  24. See lots of people hating on the Harley Sportster S and Pan America. I can appreciate they are quite a departure, but I think they look really good.

    I think the front of the Pan Am looks great, was a little unsure until I saw it in the metal.

    The modern Sportster, looks great. It seems the people who dislike it are… Shall we say, of a certain age.
    I understand it's really quite different, but Harley need to do something new and it's clear they are going after Indian with this.
    I, for one can't wait to have a go on it.

  25. Kind of wondering if everything is back to normal in the U.K. after covid such as supply of new vehicles auto and motorcycles? We here different excuses but our auto trades have new vehicles waiting for chips (computer/processor) and motorcycles they say the chips aren't the problem they just can't get any new bikes or a greatly reduced amount maybe a third or quarter of what they used to get. Just curious if you are seeing the same slow recovery that we are? I enjoy your reviews and videos or your rides with friends etc. Well done.

  26. everyone (including myself, or me…) was caught off guard by Triumph's announcement… but it's an obvious move. They make so many type of bikes, and do it well, tapping into a new market makes a lot of sense. Don't expect retro, as they've said it's more competition style. Less of a CRF300L, and more of a KTM 4 stroke dirt bike, would be my guess. Don't expect a 2T, but who knows. Lightweight adventure bikes are where the action is now, so there's a lot of praying that something like that, or a dual sport, will show up. Everybody has their wants. We'll see what they bring to the table. Triumph is on a roll, so i'm sure they'll sell the hell out of whatever they make. fingers crossed.

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