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Best Waterfall Photography Camera Settings

In this video we visit the icy blue waters of one of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland. We also stop by the iconic Skogafoss. I talk about shutter speeds for waterfalls, and how they make the photo look and feel different.

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  1. Chris…i like your photo this gigant waterfals . You make unique image in this area when you added bench and path. That gave me another, lovely stair for that stunning location. That is very original. Mike has also good photo with amazing contrast with person red coat(that was probably Chris). Bravo.

  2. I loved this video, the pics and the music too. We have angelica like you photographed, here in the North Carolina Mountains where I live and shoot. Looking forward to the next video about color vs light. Thanks!!!

  3. Beautiful shots as always from you both and great video! My fav shots has to be the close up of Bruarfoss and the pano of the horses, those were just stunning mate 🙂

  4. What a prefect timing, I will go to Slovenia this weekend to take some photos of a waterfall, this will be first in my life. Thank you for the tips.

  5. Beautiful video guys! Stunning waterfalls and loved the fact that you stopped to notice the details in the plant life and wildlife, that's so important to have a connection to your surroundings, well done!

  6. It's always a treat to see your latest video posting. I love the way you and Chris used a shorter exposure time that still smoothed out the water, but just a little, so that the power of the falls still came shining through. Thank you.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Chris and you capture such awesome looking photos. That water was really blue on the video, i cant imagine how much more that really stood out being there. Great work, both of you. Maybe someday ill be able to make a trip to such a beautiful area.

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