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Best Video Setting for Nikon Z6

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If you’re new to Nikon Z6, here are the setting I recommend when you’re shooting video. Best Cinema Setting with Nikon Z6.

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  1. hello buddy, I have now bought such a set of z6 and ninja and I have a question if I can record in pro res raw or do I have to buy something from nikon from the site I uploaded to ninja update and I have prores but I can't record help for ninja please

  2. Is there a way to quickly switch to video mode and have my settings all saved?? Let's say I am on a shoot and shooting stills in various modes, let's aperture priority, various focus modes, etc. and I need to grab a video clip. Is there a way to switch to video and have it set to 1/60 shutter and AFF or do I need to adjust these when I switch back and forth between still shooting and video shooting?

  3. Hi, to commend you for your wonderful videos. I'm from Serbia, I wanted to ask you about setting autofocus options when shooting. Which mods would you suggest to me as your best favorite? I have a problem when I shoot and when a person moves, so when a person turns and covers his face for a few seconds with either his hand or just turns, my autofocus is constantly lost, and I would like to solve that. I noticed that they have options 1. tracking focus for z. of 1 fast and 5 delayed

    2. Af speed -5 slower and +5 fast

    3. Sensitivity af for monitoring from 1 high to 7 low

    What would be your favorite setting after 1? under 2 and under 3?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. very nice tuto; I start video with my new Z6ii and struggle with AF. so, in AF-F auto area with eye detection, if the AF focus on a tree instead of the bride, no need to witch to wide-l and position red box or activate (FN1 in my case) the subject tracking yellow box ? just tap with your finger on the screen and AF-F will jump to the bride ?
    you say that AF-F is very noisy so even if what i just described works nicely, you advise to use Manual focus with focus peaking assist ? and easier on ninja V ?

  5. I love your videos and the background noise of your kid. Please keep that! EDIT: I had a question but it has been answered below. Thanks for the tip about FX/DX, It makes a lot of sense for video as you don’t even lose any resolution (1080 stays 1080!!) Cheers

  6. Thank you for this video Myong, I have a audio question. Is it possible to use a boom mic and a lav mic at the same time with the Z6+atamos? I have a Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun and a Sennheiser EW 112P G4 Camera-Mount. Do you have any tips or recommended videos

  7. Dude you are literally the best thank you so much! I had no idea how to explain to people the weird warp thing the camera does when capturing motion with electronic vr ON and you just solved the bane of my existence. Thank you!

    Curious though, your wedding footage is unbelievable! What sequence settings do you put your z6 footage on to get that look? I’m guessing you shot that at 60fps 120

    Again thank you man !!!

  8. Thanks for the effort and sharing. Any thoughts on the quality of the Nikon pre-amps? I use these small hybrids for talking head interviews with non-professionals who are not intimidated by the small camera size rather than a FS7 or C300 larger rig. But the audio needs to be good. Very good. Nikon pre-amps? Stay well. Thumbs up.

  9. First of all amazing video. My question is: what are the correct settings in terms of ISO for example? My Problem is that when i shoot for example at 1080p 60fps 1/125 my video is too dark when i select a f stop of f7, f8, f9 for example and the ISO is too high so there is too much noise. It would be great if you could help me out


  10. Thanks for the video, I've subscribed. Have owned my Z6 for a year but haven't really done any video yet, looking forward to it now! Thanks. All the best for 2021.

  11. This is a great guide. The only snag I encountered was with setting the custom button assignment for quickly swapping between FX and DX mode. I had to go into menu option d6 (Limit selectable image area) to check the box for DX.

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