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Best Photography Cameras for EVERY Budget in 2021 | $500 – $5,000

My FAVORITE cameras for photographers in EVERY price range from consumer to pro.
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My Favorite $500 Camera:
My Favorite $1000 Camera:
My Favorite $1500 Camera:
My Favorite $2000 Camera:
My Favorite $3000 Camera:
My Favorite $4000 Camera:
My Favorite $5000 Camera:
Throw me your favorites in the comments!!!

Shot on this camera:
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0:00 What’s Your Favorite Camera
0:49 Best $500 Camera
1:57 Best $1000 Camera
5:02 Best $1500 Camera
6:16 I built a really awesome website
7:19 Best $2000 Camera
8:30 Best $3000 Camera
9:38 Best $4000 Camera
10:30 Best $5000 Camera

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  1. How original, the big 3, and nothing really about ergonomics, portability, usage and features that make the shooting more enjoyable and no eye detect doesn't count. Spec stats don't maketh a photographer. Sensor, sensor…sensor….sensor, AF…AF…AF….Updates….Updates. Who is shooting professionally that would benefit from this video, lol.

  2. Not a single Fuji camera mentioned, so disrespectful! They not only make some of the best cameras on the market, but some of the best lenses too. Id take any Fuji camera over Nikon lol. I'd also take an a7III over that Z6 II. Im actually still shooting an a7III until the IV is released. Sold my R6, the closed RF mount is awful unless you like cheap Chinese junk lenses or you can afford absurdly priced $3k lenses. Also, the lack of mentioning any medium format cameras like the Fuji GFX 50 and Hasselblad X1D II is disturbing. They blow nearly all these cameras away in image quality.

  3. 5:55 it’s actually not the same exact sensor, and this is one of the ways nikon managed to lower the price of their Z5. Z6/Z7 have BSI-CMOS sensors where Z5 only has a (non BSI) CMOS sensor. Result is lower light sensitivity and thus weaker low light performance. Doesn’t make it a bad photo camera AT ALL, but still is worth pointing out I think.

  4. So Nikon Z6ii, R6, R5 your Fav camera…! So lucky to have so many fav camera, i have Nikon D700 and its my fav camera. Another one i want R3 which i can't afford to think.

  5. Love the look of your setup in the beginning, especially with all those awesome cameras payed out in front of you! Another fantastic and valuable video from you man, enjoyed this one quite a bit! 💯✔️🔥

  6. Having these awesome and comparatively affordable native Tamron & Sigma Lenses for the Sony E-Mount makes a big difference in terms of the overall cost of the system. Something to consider if you are on a budget.

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