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BEST Mirrorless Video Cameras for Every Budget $500 – $5000

If I could only have 1 camera, this is what I would get!
Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code: learningcameras

My Favorite $500 Camera:
My Favorite $1000 Camera:
My Favorite $1500 Camera:
My Favorite $2000 Camera:
My Favorite $3000 (hybrid) Camera:
My Favorite $3000 (cinema) Camera:
My Favorite $4000 Camera:
My Favorite $5000 Camera:
Throw me your favorites in the comments!!!

Shot on this camera:
All my Photography gear:
All my Video gear:
Literally EVERYTHING I use for video for weddings, youtube videos, and everything else including why I use it and why you should consider it.

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All my Photography gear:
All my Video gear:
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Hey, I love checking in with you guys, talking gear, meeting up, answering questions, and checking out all the amazing content you have going on.
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0:00 What’s Your Favorite Camera
1:18 Best $500 Video Camera
3:32 Best $1000 Video Camera
5:21 Best $1500 Video Camera
6:38 Build yourself an awesome website
7:49 Best $2000 Video Camera
9:07 Best $3000 Video Camera
11:02 Best $4000 Video Camera
12:36 Best $5000 Video Camera

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  1. Lots of Fuji love in the comments so figured I'd address why I didn't include it lol. If you check out the full review I absolutely loved the image quality and highlight rolloff was so smooth it felt like you had more dynamic range than you did. Unfortunately I had autofocus issues with all but the newest lenses (which are cheaper lenses), the ergonomics aren't ideal for video, it overheated in less than 20 minutes in my direct FL sunlight, IBIS performance was OK at best, and the battery life was pretty bad. Not a bad camera at all…certainly you could work around all those issues to get amazing image quality and colors, but that's why it wasn't my favorite for the best camera. It's also pretty expensive for an APSC camera given plenty of full frame options are cheaper.

  2. I’m having a dilemma rn. I have about $2500 to spend on a camera & lens/lenses. My dream pallet of shooting would be 50% event b roll (concerts, weddings, conferences, etc), 20% professional work (music videos, commercials, interviews, etc), 20% travel videos, & 10% YouTube (vlogs, live, talking head). I know…I wanna be a Jack of all trades lol. Im personally looking at the S5 or A7III. I really like the UI & controls, IBIS, & image quality of LUMIX, but I love the AF & β€œecosystem” of Sony cameras. I feel Sony would be a better long term investment w/ the awesomeness of the A7siii & upcoming A7iv, but I feel Panasonic is a better bang for my buck today.

  3. Got dam what a nice massive collection.

  4. Dan deserves 10 times more subscribers. He’s honest, trustworthy and his photo and video skills are epic! He’s my go to guy for reviews and advice no nonsense awesome content. Good work buddy!

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