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Best Canon 90D Features

The Canon 90D is a fantastic cross over camera for the video and photo shooter looking to get some power packed features all in one place.

Canon 90D:

—– Featured In This Episode —-

Equipment used to shoot this video:
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  1. Hey, thanks for the great Video. Im thinking about buying a 90D but i have a Question in Mind about the Fullframe lenses on this type of Camera. Should i multiply just the focal length of each lens with the 1.6 Crop factor?
    Or should i multiply the Aperture of these lenses with the crop factor two
    Thanks alot

  2. Finally, I am the first like….Let the Martian Gods shine their goof fortune upon my people….OK. A little over dramatic. Just a tad. Look forward to whatever it is you are presenting. Keep up the good work and keep'em flying…oooops. Spoiler alert! I am supposed to say this after I watch the video. Oh well, back to my salted caramel baileys and Texas pecan coffee elixir…Nectar of the Martian Gods. Slurp….!

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