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Best Camera, Lenses & Photo Editing For Beginner Photography

This video for BEGINNERS who are interested in starting in photography!
In this video I give you my recommendations on what camera, lens and photo editing applications any beginner interested in photography can buy!



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  1. Thank you for this video I really needed the advice. I’ve been looking at your videos since I started my photographer journey. I have other questions I hope you can cover or someone who’s reading my comment can help? What type of computer should I get to do my editing photos?

  2. Great video for beginners wanting to get into photography. I went with the t7 though kind of should of did more research though it's highly recommended. Because when you start to add the camera body and a lense or lenses then ya should of just get a better camera body with better features for the same price and just get 1 reccomend lense that suites your needs, then work your way up the ladder.

  3. I just started a new job “digital content creator” … and I only played with photography with my iphone11, but never had an actual camera, so my first camera I have right now is canon rebel t8i … so I’m practicing right now, and looking for good programs where I can edit my photos on

  4. when you mentioned you’re from detroit i was so surprised! i live in detroit and im currently trying to get into photography plus befor you mentioned where you from i thought you were from like L.A or something like currently workin there as a photographer but anyways i find it cool we from the same place

  5. I'd love to buy a real camera for filming mainly but also for some photographs.

    I just never know what type I need, but what a fab comparison using the make brushes and palettes, now that's my language 😂. It actually makes complete sense.

  6. The 7D is amazing. I work on a media team at a summer camp and that was the camera that they owned and I learned on. At the time it was already beat up and old because of camp wear and tear and I still took some of my best photos.

  7. Your list for beginner photographer is good, I would like to add one more valuable device, but cheap. A 17% or 18% of light reflectance card. You can do even without this card, just use your palm, which has almost same reflectance.
    Dr. Padmakar

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