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Best Camera Flash Equipment for Red Carpet Event Photography

Red carpet photography is a unique challenge, and photographers need special camera gear to get the best shots. In this video, I’ll talk about the best camera flash for event photography, specifically red carpet or step and repeat arrivals.

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– What’s in My Bag? Event Photography Edition:

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  1. This was a fantastic video that I randomly clicked on and ended up learning so much more than I expected. I feel like I could go look for a job as a red carpet event photographer now, that's how good this was haha. Thanks so much for this. Please show us more tips. I am so curious to know how everything works!

  2. An unspoken advantage of the bracket @7:49 is that it and the flash unit are attached to a strong point of the camera, the tripod screw, like the hammerheads units that were once used. The bigger modern hotshoe flashes (plus their attachments like diffusers) are heavier than the standard hotshoe was ever meant for – hence the frequent horror stories of broken camera pentaprism housings.

  3. I have two questions
    whats the diffference between the custom brackets rf-pro M and the rf-pro AS and does it work with canon r6?

    also what is that silver little coldshoe mount under your speedlite ontop of the custom bracket, whats the name of it or where do you get it from?

    amazing video thumb up and subbed!

  4. Thanks for the info. If you need rechargeable AA battery get the ikea ladda 2450 they are the same as enlope panasonic and they cost 6.99 for 4 aa i do weddings and they are the best.

  5. Very informative video. Perhaps a stupid question but what do you do with your bag and rest of your gear when shooting ? I've had this problem before finding somewhere to stash it.

  6. I would like to subscribe, but my hearing is unable to separate your great voice and presentation from the music you are talking over. I am not alone in having this difficulty. Why the music anyway? I opened your video to hear you and your knowledge.

  7. I would love to have seen this video before my first red carpet photography event but sadly I did not and many photos weren't good enough and others were half decent. Also, I would like to expand on the first experience topic. If you have never done red carpet photography, please read on. Red carpet photography is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE and that's an understatement. Some photographers will go as far as block your view to get a better photo, while being aware you are there. Many times, is not accident, they will stand in your away and block you to get that better shot. If you are a shy person, it is possible you could have trouble in this type of events, just as I did (some red carpet events have more control than others, so your first event might be different and better than mine, and I really hope you do). I did lose some great shots to other more aggressive photographers, so don't be afraid to be defensive about your position and be vocal about it. But above all else learn from your mistakes.

  8. This video was great! I do a lot of concert photography but I'll actually be doing my very first red carpet tonight (Heavy metal Hall of Fame Ceremony in Anaheim). I know my concert settings but this is very different.

    Anyone got any tips on the settings I should have for red carpet? I'm shooting with a 24-70 2.8 and an external flash.

    I assume I probably DON'T want to be at 2.8 just so that way whatever sign is behind the artists on the red carpet for the event is readable as opposed to blurred due to DOF? Flash (Nikon SB700) should be at TTL?

    Yeah. Sorry about all the questions. And hell, if I get an answer its probably going to be AFTER the event has taken place. Lol

  9. Hi, i need your help to understand, why all photographers set the external flash in-front of the subject ??

    And when can i use my external flash at 90% with diffuser at red carpet??

  10. Great information…I find the lighting very flat and ugly, it really is no different from keeping it on the camera..That is why people use the larger brackets to get the flash away from the lens. This is definitely not for me.

  11. Love the small flash bracket. I've, for many years, have used the flip style bracket but as you said, it takes up a lot of space. Seems like it's worth the money.

  12. Been covering red carpets for 4 years here in NYC. I’ve been using a different kind of bracket to my camera. In some of my red carpet coverages, I’ve managed to get some decent shots without using the bowl bulb and other times not so lucky. I agree we can’t control the set up. Good job on the tutorial 👍🏻 I suggest you make your videos a little bit brighter to see you more. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  13. How do you get set up to shoot Red Carpet Events? Do you have to pay to be there or do a company send you because I would love to do that kind of work.

  14. Could you let me know your setup for the flash in most situation in red carpet (daylight, night event), ttl mode or manual mode, flash power etc please 🙂 Thank your video, I'm now understand for the battery pack, i'll buy soon for my next event.

  15. Hey There, really liked the video…. just wondering, if you think this setup would actually work for certain wedding photography also… where you cannot control the lighting etc.. ? Thanks

  16. Dug this a lot! I moved to LA fairly recently so I definitely might end up needing some of this stuff in the near future; there's a lot of red carpet work to be done out here. More than anything though, I'd actually love to know – how did you get started doing red carpet events and start getting your credentials? Was it through your previous work, an agency or company or someone reaching out, a chance thing, or something else?

    I'm used to photographing music so I'm fairly used to requesting passes for shows from publicists and such, but I'm not sure if carpets work the same way. I feel like they might but also might not and some ideas on how to get your first few gigs would definitely be helpful.

    Anyway, nicely done! I like your style of explanation and appreciate the content. I'll keep an eye out for more videos!

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