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Best Camera Bag for Hiking & Adventure Photography – Shimoda Action X30


In this video I discuss the Shimoda Action X30 Backpack, made by Shimoda Designs. This backpack is by far the most versatile bag I own. The Action X30 is ideal for photographers and content creators who spend time adventuring in the outdoors.

However – this bag is more than just a hiking bag. It’s stylish, customizable, and can get you through a full weekend in the city with just one bag. I highly recommend checking out Shimoda Designs.

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  1. Hi, how long is the actual padded part of the waist strap? Also, what is the height and width of the part of it that goes through the pack (behind the back padding)? Likewise does the velcro face toward the back of the pack or to the front? I am trying to determine if I could use these hips straps on another pack I own as well.

  2. ATTENTION: DAMAGE IS VERY LIKELY TO YOUR ACTION X50 IT HAS ISSUES WITH DESIGN OF BASE FABRIC MATERIAL. Please read below including response from Shimoda design team….
    Your marketing seemed pretty clear to me that this new extra tough model from the Shimoda range has an extra tough base material built in.

    But what I've actually found after just a few outings and three weeks ownership is that the base is actually made from a less abrasion resistant material than the coated nylon you have put on the rest of the product, and in fact all your ranges prior. You seem to be in the defence already here on expected life span of surface materials. I can assure you 100% my action X50 has been handled with care when laying it's back on the ground, and I am horrified by how fast the base has surcumed to damage compared to the rest of the packs surface this is surely a design flaws as it does not hold the same tough nylon laminated properties as the main bags surface area. I promise you all surface areas of the product have been exposed to an equal abrasion situation on my photography trips as the pack has to lie backside down during access to the rear door panel as you are aware. I never sit it on the base, and it's a true error in the manufacturing choice of material as if you would have continued to keep to your original series formula of ripstop reinforced coated nylon the base material would not in my opinion have suffered this same damage in a short space of time, as is proven by the material exposed to the same rigur above this area on my bag.
    I am a very careful owner of all my outdoor gear and look after everything I use, as I expect many months and years of use.
    This is not acceptable I am sure you will agree, here In my assessment stated.
    hi Chris,
    Our bags are designed for outdoor environments, regardless of how many days they have been in the field – abrasion can cause damage to the pack. 

    They are not indestructible and I do not think our marketing has ever claimed them to be.
    Ian Millar, Shimoda.

  3. Thanks for the vid. Any viable way to carry the tripod on the back and not the sides? I don't like having my tripod on the sides because it makes the pack unbalanced with weight.

  4. Shimoda looks great – definitely on my wish-list, but I just picked up a Mind Shift Backlight Elite 45l, which I'm loving so far too. Thumbs-up on this vid, and +1 sub from me… I've just started up my channel here on YT, so it's great to connect with like-minded adventure photographers! 📸

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