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Best Camera Angels for your Photography – Ahmed Afridi

In this video, i am going to tell you the best approach to getting awesome camera angles. A few different camera angles can change the whole look of your photo.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting for travel, Instagram, or just your own memories, this is going to help you out in making your photo/ video look better, and be more impactful.

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Credits :
Qaiser Raza (Happy Bhai)
Tauqir Abbas
Ahsen Majeed

#AhmedADirector #howto #filmmaker #camera #media

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  1. Its amazing …
    We almost use these angles in our photos but we dont know about details of what kind of angle we are capturing but aftr this video at least am able to know about all details of difrnt 5 angles
    #ThankYou ❤☺🙂

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