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Best Budget Camera of 2021? – Canon RP Review

if you are looking for the best budget camera to get in 2021 then look no further than the canon rp! the canon rp in my opinion is the best budget camera of 2021. if you are new to photography or videography then the canon rp has a lot to offer. great for photos such as street photography or even portraits and great for video if you are looking to get some quality videos done. the canon rp is the best budget camera and i couldn’t be more happy to give y’all my review and my experience with the canon rp.

Thank you to all that watch!
Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

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  1. 1200 USD. .. Can't Afford But thats my Dream Camera For Shoot Birthday Etc Events Or Simple Wedding Or Pre-nup.. .but my Money Goes to Nikon D610 for Only 650USD body Only and its Fine as long as its Fullframe. .. i love portraits. .. Nice Review thats a Beautiful Camera for as Begginer or the Nikon Z5.. .but Z Lens Too Expensive .. Even There 50mm Z Lens 1.8.. the Adapter is Cost 200USD hope i can buy Mirorless for future… for now i still choose dslr for save more money.. .

  2. Hi Renatto, i like the cannon RP because of it been so user friendly and its footage looks great anyway well it does on my computer screen, i know you cant colour grade the footage properly like you can in log; but i just drop on the dehaze filter and use that to colour and warm it up and it looks really cool….Excellent video Renatto and really enjoy your creations and look forward to the next vid…Take Care and 73s..

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