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Best 360 Camera for Photography in 2019

If you are looking for 360 camera for shooting photos then this video should help you choose the right one.


►Theta Z1 Available Here:

►Insta360 One X Available Here (includes free invisible selfie stick):

►Vuze XR Available Here:

Most 360 cameras focus on shooting high quality video and have fewer features for 360 photos. I’ve chosen 4 cameras to compare as they all have specific features for shooting photos and can all shoot DNG RAW files.

Shooting DNG RAW is particularly important if you want to get the absolute best quality out of your images, although it also means you’ll have to have access to a program like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

If you want a professional quality 360 camera for under $1000 then the Z1 seems to be the best choice. The other cameras can’t quite match it but are all under half the price. If you just want a camera for shooting tinyplanets and 360 photos for Instagram then the One X is probably the better choice right now.


For more epic 360 content:

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  1. Still hanging on to my insta360one x and misphere camera. Almost tempted to get the ricoh theta z1 but it is just too expensive for now. Would also appreciate more tutorials on taking videos. Having issues on the stitchline being too visible at times with the insta360one x. Tried calibrating but not too much help. Also the stitch optimizer on the app is useless. Thanks and more power to your channel.

  2. I liked you included the MiSphere and I can't believe it's beaten by the Insta ONE X. Most images I've seen comparing ONE X and MiSphere, the MiSphere is better. That's why I've never bothered to get it even though everyone seems to love it. I just don't like its color out of the camera and if you need to do a lot of post processing to make a great image, then I'd rather go with the MiSphere. I don't even know why the Vuze was in this comparison. You should have had the GoPro Fusion. I also think its pictures look better than ONE X. But yes, the Z1 beats them all.

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