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Beginner Scrapbook Tutorials – Part 1 – Creating Your First Layout presents the first video in a series of videos geared toward beginning scrapbookers. This first video discusses the different ways to create your first layout and busts the myth of how difficult it may seem. You’ll be creating beautiful layouts in no time!

You can find the pre-made layouts used in this video here: Life Handmade. For papercrafters, scrapbookers, stampers, cardmakers and all those who love handmade projects.

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  1. While I was pregnant I went crazy buying so much fun stuff to scrap book but now my daughter is here and I have not touched any of it in 8 months! I really want to make something before her first birthday (I’m also a stay at home mom and just need something to keep me busy aside from netflix lol) so this really helped! Thank you, I feel just a tiny bit more confident to at least START!

  2. I want to do a scrapbook for my daughter that's turning 40 years old. Where should I go to even look for the material that I'm needing like what you're talking about. I do have pictures and I do have other things I want to add to it.

  3. This video was very well done. I gave you a thumbs up because you truly kept the beginner in mind and intentionally gave tips to prevent overwhelm. I feel blessed to have found this video. God bless all who were part of this video’s production, thank you!

  4. This is perfect! i'm extremely new to scrap-booking and got a bit overwhelmed with how to do it and what to do. i looked up other videos before this and they only showed me what stuff to use. after watching this video and seeing how to start of easy i'm a lot more confident to start, now i just have to figure out what book/album to get. Thank you 🙂

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