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Autumn Landscape Photography on Location with the Canon EOS R [Tips, Compositions & Settings]

Fall it’s at its fullest so I’m on location, in the forest photographing it with the Canon EOS R. In this video I’ll share tips, composition suggestions and settings for the photos I make!

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  1. This video is just what I needed. We don't have fog so much in this corner of the world I live in, and I don't have the time to run after the fog in other places. The polarizer tip is golden for me for woodland photography.

  2. All I have ever shot with is the Olympus E 410 and Cannon T5, I got them a very long time ago. Now and days, though normally I'm pretty broke, and I dont mean rich broke either I mean real broke. Absolutely nothing remotely even close to how the family on American Housewife's lives. However, a few months back I came into some money and bought the eos R camera and a 24-70 f2.8 lens intending on actually starting a bonified business in the middle of a pandemic. I know, but I figure it cant last forever and in the mean time i can take tons of shots of Nature because I love nature. Unfortunately as we had some pretty serious things happen. My best friend and my dad died about a month apart and, my mother in law moved in with us along with everything she owns. So, between the mental upset and then being busy revamping almost the whole house I never got around to really checking this camera out until way after I could send it back. So that just sucks! Although at first I just assumed everything was fine since the T5 was fantastic even with the cheep kit lens that it came with. Now that I have had a chance to check out the eos R I am seriously thinking to sell it off on amazon and cut my losses. I can not get this camera to focus for love or money. I've gotten a few decent shots but nothing to be proud about. I have since watched a few videos and everyone is except you is raving about this camera but all your really referring to is the video right? I am a hand held type of photographer. I do not want to be stuck to a tripod and I for sure dont need one with my older camera's. So??? I Don't want to loose money so can anyone tell me how to keep from selling this 4k investment at a loss. Is there some magic setting that allows the whole photo to be in focus? Because everything that I have tried from how other people are setting the camera up is so not working! Can someone please help?

  3. Very nice video: i love woodland-photography! Liked the way you pick your composition and also the post processing. Maybe you could speak up a little louder though. In some scenes it's hard to understand your comments.

  4. Yes there is Diffraction over f16 for most of the lens,BUT depends alot..i use Eos R with 16-35 f2.8 mark 2 and i always always shoot at f18-f20 i lose very litle percent of sharprness and contrast,which is almost non noticiable…just adding 10% of contrast and 10% shaprness in post processing and everything is perfect !

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