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astro photography in nikon kit lens/astrophotography in nikon D3500 18-55 kit lens astro photography

astro photography in nikon d3500 3400 3300 5600 astro photography nikon kit lens astro photography
#astrophotography #nikond3500 #d3500astrophotography

Gears i Use [ my equipments ]

My Dslr :

1st Lens :

2nd Lens :

My Phone :

My mic :

My Main tripod :

Add. Tripod :


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  1. You should always do astro photography in manual mode, not auto focus. To do this effectively next time you do some astrophotography, rather then auto focus, change it to manual, then you want to use the digital zoom on your camera to zoom in to the brightest star you can see, once your zoomed in slowly focus the lens until the star is as small as you can get it. Then you are in perfect focus. Another thing to keep in mind for long exposures you want to set a 2 second timer before each shutter release so the camera doesnt move while your taking the photo :p.

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