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Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

OU Graphics has changed to Upstairs! The channel is still managed by the same people, we’re just improving the identity.
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● A platform to learn Architecture Representation and Visualization:

This post-production video shows the workflow of this amazing night-scene render. The textures were all downloaded from google images with at least 2mp of size.
Files to follow along:

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  1. Hello,

    How do you display the panel shape like this? 🙂 (There are a lot of shapes in squares 👍) Me in large rectangles that take up too much space …

    Thank you

  2. This was beyond what i was expecting, i was amazed with so many tricks you made that had elevated the scene so effortlessly. Thank sooo much for this very beneficial video.

  3. I downloaded the files to do this project, so I can practice. But the landscape image is not there… Or any other image, they are all missing. I only received the base images. Where can I find them? thank you

  4. How do you manage to get the image inside the brush so that its a smooth, seamless look with the background image? I've tried looking it up so many times and can't find anything on it! Thanks!

  5. Hey, how detailed should a 3D model be to make the rendering more natural, because I have seen some videos in which they just have a basic volume model and use photos from else buildings.

  6. Hello. Do you use a drawing table to prepare this work? I see a lot of people using keyboard and mouse para i'm about to buy one for me. Can you advise? Thank you. Greetings from Portugal

  7. Found your channel the last days and I am totaly obsessed to your videos. You are such a great help for me and my study…never ugly perspectives or renderings again. Keep going and wishing you the best!!!

  8. Anyone watching this already knows that this guy is a good painter off digital tech. You cannot be a mediocre artist and understand light and shadow this much.

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