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Approaching the Scene 149: Nikon Z Tips: EVF, Touchscreen & Playback Settings

(LINKS BELOW) Here’s one more for the Nikon Z shooters. I’ve had a lot of questions about Nikon’s touchscreen, display switching options as well as EVF and playback options. This short video shares some tips to simplify setting up and using these features for newer users of any Z cameras. I’ll also share why it’s really important to add the simple task of cleaning the EVF’s eye sensor to your regular routine.

00:00 Intro to ATS 149
01:51 Join my free Office Hours on June 1st: We’ll talk night sky photography
02:20 Tips for new users of Nikon Z mirrorless cameras
02:46 Focus points & the touch screen
03:42 The i menu on the touch screen
04:25 Reviewing images on the touch screen
04:46 EVF & Screen switching and modes simplified
06:19 Why I LOVE the Prioritize Viewfinder mode
08:00 It’s critical to keep the eye sensor clean
09:20 Display Option Modes for EVF and Screen
11:00 Playback options and settings
12:58 A word on adjusting from your DSLR to the Z camera

Nikon’s Firmware page:
My latest AF tracking Z camera setup video:
Setting up your Z6, 7, 6ii or 7ii:
Nikon Z6ii:
Nikon Z7ii:
Nikon Z50:
Nikon Z eyecup:

Frequently updated links to all the gear I use:
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I invite you to join Rick, Woody, David, Darren and me for our free live Office Hours Tuesday June 1st at 10AM Pacific. We’re going to talk about night photography, stars and Milky Way and take your questions..

Office Hour signup site:

Thanks to everyone for the great questions you are sending in. Keep them coming either in the comments below or by emailing me directly. I hope to see you in the next Office Hours Session.

Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. I had the evf sensor being blocked by a wrinkle in the soft rubber eyecup thing. I just took off the eyecup, straightened out the rubber thing and put it back on the camera. Has worked fine since.

  2. I have had malfunctions where the screen on the back does not work. This happens and its not confusion over camera controls. What I found was this the malfunction only happened if I turned my camera on while the lens cap was on the lens attached to the body. If I turned it back off and removed / reinserted the battery it would start to work properly again. I have stopped turning my camera on while i have a lens cap on the lens I am using and it seems to be working. Not a scientific, controlled experiment however. I use a Z6.

  3. I agree about the quality and sharpness of the new Z lenses compared to the older F mount glass. They are gorgeous.
    I still use a few specialty F mount lenses but will update those when the Z versions become available.

  4. Thanks Hudson
    U have some beauties that flip through u screen on introduction
    At 81 Iam having twubble lifting my huge d3s.
    And as much as I love it , it is as old as me in tech and I better look at the zs
    Thanks for your work

  5. I too wish Nikon had added the clear display option to the display button and not an extra function button. I also wish they brought back the regular rule of thirds grid .

  6. Thank you for providing a great alternative to RTFM! Real men don't look it up… we figure it out (or we cheat and watch your videos). Due largely to your videos, I have recently purchased the Z6II, 70-200/2.8, 14-24/2.8. You're absolutely right – these new lenses are on another level! I'm trying to find out how to zoom to check fine focus (especially for using the old manual lenses like the 400/3.5) but haven't had any luck. Might have to crack open the dreaded manual. Thanks for the continued great content.

  7. Hello Hudson, thank you for these tips. I‘ll definitely adopt some of them. One question: is it possible to to get a higher bright focus field in the EVF. Sometimes the small red box inches EVF is not bright enough. Thank you again.

  8. If you see my friend James Richman out in the Palouse, say hello from me.
    As always, a very helpful video for this novice Z7ll shooter. Love it so far, but so many things to learn. Thank you again.

  9. Hudson I just updated my firmware on the Z6 to 3.30. The Nikon description on voice memos isn't very clear. Is this on still images and videos? When you get a chance, you may add this to your list of items to speak on with the Z cameras.

  10. Man, this is so well timed. You sent me an email answering my question about this topic and then this video comes out !! Your videos have been the best source for me learning about my z6. Thank you so much !!!

  11. Just want to thank you for taking the time to do this video. I just got a new Nikon Z7 ii at the end of January and your tutorials on the use of this camera have helped tremendously. That little button on the side of the viewfinder really threw me for a loop one day, I must have touched it by mistake and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t view my images on the back of the camera. Anyway, thank you again. I enjoy all of your videos.

  12. Great stuff, as always, Hudson! Here's a weird question for you: In reading through my user's manual for my Z7 II, it recommends keeping lenses and camera in a well-ventilated area (to prevent mold?). I'm guessing that doesn't include storing it in a camera bag? That's what I'd always, done in an attempt to keep it relatively dust free. What are your recommendations? Thanks for your help.

  13. Thank you, Hudson. I always appreciate your mature opinions about both gear and techniques. I had the same experience, switching from DSLRs to the Z system…. more versatility, better image quality, fast, sharp, clear Z lenses, etc.. I've been all-in on Z mirrorless for a little over a year now, and have no regrets. Take care!

  14. You presented in a video a setting on how to see the exposure in the EVF when using flash. Otherwise you have to turn off the trigger of the flash each and every time to correctly expose for the background.could you remind me that setting or send the link, I don’t find it

  15. Thanks, a great description and explaination on some of the settings. Prioritize View finder is my favorite! Thanks Hudson, and man, after using the Z7ii for a weekend going back to the D750 is almost painful!

  16. Great tips Hudson! Learned a few key things for sure! Love the Z series and my Z6 II but will still keep my D500 around for a while longer as the Z series can't touch it when I use my Tamron G2 150-600 lens on it for long distance birding, wildlife, and action shots. Maybe someday though…

  17. Thanks Hudson, you helped me solve one issue I've had with my Z6. I need you see the level when I shoot because my eyeglasses don't let me see the entire frame. I also want to see the histogram. My Fujifilm cameras allow me to see all on a single display, but with the Z6 I have to toggle through several option with the display button. But now I realized I could have the viewfinder display the level and the back screen set to display the histogram. If I want to view the histogram I just pull the camera away and look at the back screen. I wish Nikon would make this easier, but this is better than toggling the display button.

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