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Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

The Macbook with M1 chip is… different. Time to think a little different about laptops.

That shirt:

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

Laptop provided by Apple for review.


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  1. I kinda long for the return of the days when somebody like Steve Jobs would come up on stage and describe basically everything about the product, even if it wasn’t completely new.

  2. Dude every modern pc using NVME V4 … so that's a bit of Apple blah blah comparing to old NVME – V1/V2 Versions ( the MACBOOK PRO 16 Using an old 2018 CPU … we are in 2021)

  3. Hey Marques, any chance of an update video with some thoughts after using it for longer time? Really interested if it lives up to the hype after some time of use, were there any surprises in performance that you didn't expect (good or bad)… Thanx

  4. Coming back to this, I've realized the graphs don't have labels because this is the first M series chip. There is no comparison, in their eyes.

  5. imma get real rq, this mans is a GOD at editing, i can do the twin thing, like walking out of frame, but this mans is GOD TEIR HAVIN CONVOS WITH HIMSELF, good job marques

  6. 2:28 for 2021, that's becoming a flawed argument IMHO. You can increasingly start to compare Android and iPhone hardware more like apples to apples nowadays. Techies keeping up with modern mobile OS developments, mobile frameworks, programming languages and mobile code runtimes, will probably agree.

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