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All About Auto ISO (Nikon Cameras)

Auto ISO is a frequent source of confusion but it doesn’t have to be that way! In this comprehensive video, we’ll cover how Auto ISO works in Nikon cameras (although it’s likely very similar for all brands). We’ll start with what it does, why / when you should use it, how to set it up, and how it interacts with your various exposure modes. Check it out!

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  1. just finished the "Nikon Exposure" book from Steve, And moving to the "Nikon Auto Focus" book. Guys, BUY HIS BOOKS! With a minimal price you get so much information in there that your head will spin. Along with many myth busting…

  2. Wonderful information sir, I like this, how can I adjust the 7500 nikon ISO settings tell me sir iam indian, don't know your English very well but understand, please tell me the settings

  3. Absolute best, most thorough, most clear explanation of the "flowchart" that the camera follows when applying ISO area to the various modes. THANK-YOU for clearing things up for me, finally!!!!

  4. I got lost on the Minimum shutter speed part. I have a d750 and have it set to 100 sensitivity and 6400 max….I'm lost on what shutter speed to set

  5. Have tried too do this but is no update from 1.10 too 1.11 only one there is too 1.30 do not know if im doing domething wrong but always says no update when put on the cards tried both xqd and sd cards

  6. First of all i would like to say that all your videos are excellent and very easy explained. I would like to see one day from Nikon, to use aperture mode with auto iso, but to change minimum shutter speed immediately when ever you want with command dial(second wheel control). Imagine is like you have a faster manual mode without the drawbacks of that mode.

  7. Thanks Steve! I've been using auto ISO on my Nikon D3500, but your video has pointed out several important facts which I'm now glad to have learned!!

  8. My ISO just stays at my maximum (6400) on my Z6. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. ISO sensitivity is at 100. Set the minimum shutter speed at 1/60. Point my camera to the sky on a cloudy day in aperture priority and it still keeps the iso at 6400..

  9. Great video! Keep in mind that when you set te minimum SS to 500 like in the excample. There is stil a high chance you will get noisy pictures. A ss of 500 is pretty fast for indoor of dusk photography.

  10. The sliding sun from bright to dark is an excellent graphic. Thanks. Thanks also for the detail about when the camera goes below the minimum shutter speed and when it allows underexposure.

  11. After watching your video I set auto ISO with your settings on my Nikon camera and to my surprise What the different! Thank you so much for your valuable time and for sharing this video.

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