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After Effects Tutorial | Circle Burst

Expression used: index*360 / 20

This is the third tutorial in my new Motion Graphics Tutorial Series in which I will show you how to make circle bursts using the trim paths effect.

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Project file [CS6 and up]:
(password is inside README, please subscribe 🙂 )

Produced by: Ervin Golubović

Copyright Ervin Golubović

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  1. Frowned so hard when i was try hard mode copying every move he makes at the beginning, found out that it was just a demo how the thing works hahahaha! great tutorial by the way 😀

  2. Great video! I'm having an issue. This is the 4th video tutorial I have followed step by step to create a burst, and each time it works except that the burst animated in reverse. Meaning all lines travel toward the center instead of bursting away from the center. Why are my lines converging towards each other instead of bursting away?

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