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Adobe After Effects CS3 : Text tutorial

adobe after effects text intro tutorial easy/medium difficulty…..
a lil laggy but whatever….. dont forget to change the wiggles per second to 10-15……………..

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  1. You must have smoke some dope before you made the video, you are waaaayy laid back. It helps to get the teeth apart when talking, but the visuals were helpful, so thx for that mate 😛

  2. Just the FYI for anyone who used this tutorial but didn't work for you:do NOT change the minimal and maximum values to 0%. In fact, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Skip that part and just render. I've created a Bump that features this effect, which is on my Channel. I will make it a video response.


  3. I know it's a month ago that you've responded but I'll try my best to explain this the best way i know how (I'm a scrub at this, so bear with me)…

    He didn't really provided enough instructions due to changing the Min and Max values, which overall never worked for me. However, I've fixed a couple of problems if you wish to see it. I'll recreate the video and link you. If you, however, became pro at this and actually found the solution to this, kudos and disregard my response. Cheers! 😀

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