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Abstract Liquid Pattern Effect in Photoshop/Illustrator

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Video Description: Liquid background effect is cool and all, but what about a variation where you can apply it everywhere?

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Chapters –
0:00 – Intro
1:26 – Start/Document Size
2:13 – Creating the spread
3:26 – Liquify
3:52- How to move your mouse
7:12- Opening Illustrator
8:23- Image Trace Settings
10:52 – Scribble Effect

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  1. Thanks to you I’m going to college for graphic design as well as vfx study… depending how it goes I could be working on movies etc, I already know How to do this just here to say thank you!

  2. 'More bigger' is a double comparative. Much bigger is grammatically correct in the way you're wanting to use it!

    I know this is going to come off as a 2010s internet grammar police comment, but I just felt the need to open my dumb mouth and say it.

    Love your videos, man! You do an excellent job!

  3. I don't know its just ur polite words and the interaction with the audience make me watch more of ur tutorials and I try each and every single tutorial of urs

  4. BRO. This is literally just what I needed, when I saw that background you used in a vid 3 weeks ago I've been trying to recreate something similar.

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