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728. English with Rob / Games, Music & Jingles

Talking to Rob from English with Rob (podcast/YouTube). This episode includes lots of musical fun, some chatting about how we make our podcasts, fun word games and much more.
Episode page on –
@English with Rob
00:00 Introduction
02:25 Meet Rob
03:35 Discovering Rob’s basement (aka The Man-cave)
07:01 The difficulty of monetising online content
08:50 Making Audio vs Making Video
11:47 Why don’t Rob’s videos get more views?
19:16 A brief overview of Rob’s life story and career
23:11 Making music on a Korg Kaossilator
27:08 Live recording of a loop on the Kaossilator
30:16 Making music when teaching English to children
31:33 Rob’s podcast jingles
34:05 Idiom Game & Jingle
35:45 “That’s correct!” “That’s not correct”
37:00 The Band Name Synonyms Game & Jingle
43:39 Luke & Rob made jingles for each other’s podcasts
45:32 “Luke’s English Podcast” jingle by Rob
49:45 “English with Rob” jingle by Luke (description)
52:25 “English with Rob” jingle by Luke (playing the jingle)
58:13 Breaking down “A Conversation about Language” jingle
1:10:50 Breaking down the LEP Jingle Megamix
1:31:37 Rob’s “Useful Vocabulary” jingle
1:32:42 Rob’s conversation jingle
1:34:01 “Which is the most expensive thing?” Game & Jingle
1:39:18 Where to find Rob’s podcast
1:40:48 When Rob once made a brief appearance on LEP (in episode 319)
1:43:38 Ending

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  1. Each time Luke's is telling his guest he will edit the episode, he doesn't do it in the end ! 🙂 You already know he won't do it when he says it almost giggling. Great episode by the way!

  2. I have been listening this specific one again and again. Both have very nice accents. Thank you Luke for all the wonderful work.

  3. Bringing fun, rhythm and joy to English! And REAL, natural conversation for English learners, but not dumbed down for them. I am really glad I found you, Luke, and glad you've introduced me to great people like Rob…and Katty Ortega!

  4. You are the best teacher in the world. Such a great work you do. I admire how you get so many podcasts done.
    I just wish you health , happiness and peace in the world.

  5. 17:30 "JUST BEING SPOTANEUOUS AND BECOME A S… "You just described EXACTLY PAUL TAYLOR'S CASE !! He believes he is too funny … there has no need to put any effort on his videos

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