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7 WAYS to ENJOY your Canon EOS M50! Beginner Photography Tutorial/Guide (Tagalog)

In this video, I will share with you 7 WAYS for you to ENJOY your newly acquired Canon EOS M50! This video is intended for beginners who want to jumpstart their photography journey. If you’re being overwhelmed by using Manual Mode on your camera, then this video is perfect for you 😉

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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Disclaimer
0:22 – I. Changing your Menu Setup
0:57 – II. Using your Auto Mode
1:29 – IIA. Creative Assist in Canon EOS M50 Auto Mode
3:17 – IIB. Setting up your Image Quality in Canon EOS M50 Auto Mode
4:58 – IIIC. Maximizing your Timer in Canon EOS M50 Auto Mode
5:30 – III. SCENE Mode in Canon EOS M50
8:21 – IV. Creative Filters Mode in Canon EOS M50
10:46 – V. Auto Focus on Canon EOS M50
12:13 – VI. Touch Shutter on Canon EOS M50
12:48 – VII. Using the Manual Mode in Canon EOS M50
14:14 – Sample Photos of Canon EOS M50


📷 Gears used:
Boom Mic:
Dynamic Microphone:


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Jeff Geronimo has his heart for editing, photography, and videography. Hence, he pursued his passion being a Content Creator in various platforms and produce animation, photos, and videos for clients and for himself.

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