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7 Canon EOS RP photography tips everyone needs to know

After my review video for the new #Canon EOS RP I received a whole bunch of messages from soon to be owners of the #EOSRP asking me if I had any tips for them as newbies to the photography game.

Today, I’m sharing 7 easy #PhotographyTips that you can use right away to start taking better photos. No extra gear required, just a bit of thought and a little bit of time practicing.

Start implementing some of these steps and you will rapidly improve your photo taking skills. This video is not just for EOS RP users but anyone who wants to improve their photography.


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  1. Very usefull, most the vídeos on utube just show techniques about the camera settings and bla bla. And you talk with passion and soul. A photo can talk ….and our eyes can catch that photo. The camera is only a vehicle to capture the scene…

  2. One more: Don't fall for the theory that buying new equipment will improve your photography. Learning to use that equipment will improve your photography. The RP looks like a great camera for those who read the instruction book. Seek out You Tube videos that do more than regurgitate the specifications and tell you why that feature might be worth your trouble learning to use well.

    I am with Brent Parker below, "Hey Shayne, how about a video aimed at those of us that are not beginners 😉 Share a little of the more in depth "love". Love your work bro."

  3. Wow! What a unique perspective on this. You can watch literally hundreds of "beginner tips" videos, but they are all regurgitating the same stuff. Your tips are different and valuable! Top-notch content!

  4. Hello sir, thanks for the excellent video. These are all great tips, however they are not specific to the RP. The title is a little misleading. I expected more specific information such as "this is how you adjust exposure compensation on the RP when you are in aperture priority mode. If you know what I mean.

  5. Great tips. I used to BB focus, but I feel that with the improved focusing systems of modern (particularly mirrorless!) cameras, this is no longer necessary. There are so many focus points and the latest Canon mirrorless range also have touch and drag AF, which is so intuitive (at least to me!). I can drag thumb on the LCD screen and select any focus point in real time and click whenever I'm ready. Even the zone autofocus options these days, makes focusing so much simpler and allows you to get the shot very quickly. That said, BFF is a useful skill to have in your armoury and with modern mirrorless cameras, it's easy to switch between "traditional" focus and BB focus. I find that I don't need as much as I did with my older cameras e.g. Canon 400D, Canon 60D, where I feel it was much more valuable.

  6. I'm a focus & recompose shooter, using spot metering. I find BBF does not work for me under certain circumstances. If the light conditions are different in the two camera positions, the picture will be either over- or underexposed.

    Let's say I am shooting a ballerina waiting in the wings. I BBF on her face then swing the camera to include the stage. When I press shutter, she would still be in focus but her face would be underexposed because the metering is from the bright stage.

    Am I wong? Is there a way BBF can handle the situation?

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