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6 சிறந்த Camera Apps 2020 | Top 6 Best Camera Apps for android 2020

6 சிறந்த Camera Apps 2020 | Top 6 Best Camera Apps for android 2020







It’s excellent fast camera features perform quickly giving your fast camera performance which is able
to take many pictures at some interval in burst mode, very useful for creating stop motion or time lapse video

Create photos with different effects and another pro hd camera pro features like manual exposure lock, manual ISO,
white balance, hd camera pro grid view, golden ratio grid, etc. and reach the highest level of photography with this
professional camera and fast camera hd

Time Lapse is a fast playback of slow processes that aren’t usually noticeable to the eye.
Photo Lapse is a new kind of Time Lapse, which we invented for long-term processes that last from
1 day to an infinite amount of time. This clip consist of the photos, that depict the changing object.
Advanced AI scene recognition technology is used to identify 20+ high-frequency shooting scenes, and intelligent
matching and optimization filter is used to display exquisite color and texture of the screen

HD Camera Pro is a fully featured free Camera app, with Quick Snap, Gorgeous Camera Effects you can easily take
HD Quality photo on Android phones and tablets.
HD Camera Pro contains professional capture mode, the highest level with a professional camera.
It has utilized all advantage of your phone or tablet.
Touch up your candy selfie with our quick and easy features and get the best results. Snap the perfect selfie and find your favorite look.

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