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5 Tips to Drastically IMPROVE Your Next SHORT FILM! – 5 things you have to do before making your next short film. Get 5 tips on scenario writing, pre-production and planning.

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  1. I have a question, how do you find and/or be able to use specific locations for filming? Do you have a method or is it just a matter of looking for a while? I have been writing my shorts while picturing the location in my head the problem is the place I picture either doesn't exist or I can't find. Just wondering if you have any advice for that.

  2. Great advices, I just released my first "very" short film on my channel a few weeks ago (I would love feeback 🤩 ) I think I nailed the story part, not the technical part…But yeah, no money on actors… so this was me and my wife. The upside, I've got plenty of room for improvment !

  3. Speaking of a good scenarios)) If you enjoyed how the "Black Mirror" was written, check out "Inside No. 9" it is soooo amazing, one of the best shows!)) Watch the first episode and comeback to thank me))

  4. Hello Cinecom, 🙏
    We want to make a short film but we don't have dslrs or camera. We are planning to shoot on our mobiles.

    So can u plz make a video on
    How to shoot and edit on mobile.

    Others plz like this comment so Cinecom can notice this.

  5. As an actor and wannabe Writer/Director, the tip about paying your actors is huge. It not only attracts better actors, but as a creator affords you more opportunity to really work with that actor. It is more difficult to direct a volunteer than someone who cares about their craft enough to ask for a decent payment for it.

    Also, side note as an actor: Offering imdb or similar credit as payment, is unacceptable.

  6. I really need to try the tip about starting with the ending! Great tips. I feel like it is gonna work really well and the story ca nbecome interesting. I often think of a scene that is the ending of my story and then make a story around that. And music. I find a song and imagine a scene, then I build on that.

  7. video editing is just my hobby and I do it mostly for my social media uploads… but watching this makes me want to make short films, even I don't have the shortest idea of how to do it…
    btw… where can I see your other short films?

  8. 1:56 so true. 😢 I'm always wanting to do better and bigger and cooler projects but then I remember I'm just one person with after effects and a bad camera. It won't stop me from trying though!

  9. I dreamed meeting Jordy and I cried when I saw your face and hugged you and said you that you were my best teacher I will never forget you sir. And I woke up and I realized that was just dream and it will be never posible to meet you all as being from middle class family from Nepal I will never forget my best dream ever.

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