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5 quick and easy tips so you can get professional video footage from your canon m50 mark & Canon m50 mark ii. Getting pro video quality from your canon aps-c is actually quite simple as long as you master the basics. In this video tutorial I go over exactly how to get cinematic results from your canon m50 mark 2!

Download my custom LUTs & Presets here:

Updated Takstar Shotgun Mic
Tascam DR-10L Audio Recorder

My Cameras:
Canon EOS-R
Canon M50

Best lenses for the M50 that Can also be used w/ the EOS R and other full frame cameras:
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
Canon 55-250 stm telephoto with IS
Wide Lens For Vlogging – Canon 10-18 stm

Must have accessories for the M50:
Make your m50 more like full frame w/ this speed booster
Use EF & EF-s lenses with your M50
Small Rig Cage w/ Top handle
Water proof gear bag

Must have accessories for the EOS R, RP, R6 & R6
Use EF & EF-s lenses on your EOS R
Built in ND Filter Drop-in Adapter
Remove the crop in 4k with this speed booster
Water proof gear bag

My favorite budget lighting gear:
Amaran 100D
Aputure Lightdome II softbox
Neewer softbox
Godox SL-60W
Godox 120 cm softbox
Yongnuow LED light
Light Umbrella
Neewer softbox

Here is my recommended gear for a budget studio setup:
Canon M50 Mark II
Original m50
Canon 10-18 Wide Angle
Canon 55-250 Telephoto
Amaran 100D
Neewer softbox
EF-M to EF& EF-S adapter
SanDisk SD Card
Takstar Shotgun Mic
Tascam DR-10L Audio Recorder
Benro Tripod
Manfrotto Fluid Head
Podcast MIC – Blue Yeti USB Mic
Voice Over Studio MIC (samson CU90 Pro)
Variable ND Filter
Water Proof Gear Bag

Here is my recommended gear if you are looking for a higher quality setup:
Canon EOS-R
Canon RF 15-35 lens
Apature 120D Mark ii Light
Apature light dome ii softbox
Rode video mic pro
Manfrotto Tripod & Fluid Head
SanDisk SD Card
Sure SM7B Voice Over & Podcast Studio MIC
Variable ND Filter
Water Proof Gear Bag

Best Hybrid Mirrorless Currently available:

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