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5 Lesser Known Tips for the Canon EOS R

After shooting with the EOS R for awhile, I found some quirks and issues you might encounter if you don’t dive deep into the menu. I’ve also found some things that can be extremely helpful despite them being rather simple. Hope this helps someone!

5D Mark IV vs EOS R Comparison:

Part 1:
Part 2: (Coming soon)
Part 3: (Coming soon)

I am a Canon Malaysia EOS Youth Ambassador but these are my own opinions of both the lenses.

Lets do something together! Ask me anything you’d like!

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  1. Hi sam, can you tell me wich monitor clamp are you using, i mean the 1/4 screw to hot shoe that you are using to hold the monitor on top of the camera. Thanks, awesome video

  2. Using the Lock button to turn the Multi-Function bar On or Off, is Genius! I use the Multi-Function bar often when I shoot from a tripod, it is very handy changing ISO quickly. Shooting hand-held, I would have to remember to go into the menu and turn it off. My big right thumb always messing up the shot. Now I can turn the Multi-Function bar On or Off quickly, using the Lock button for hand-held or tripod shooting. I use the control ring now for exposure compensation. I now have quick control over Shutter, Aperture, ISO and Exposure Compensation right in my finger tips.
    Thank You, so much!!

  3. Nice video, thanks.
    How strong is the hotshoe for the weight of the external monitor? Some youtubers with other cameras have said they prefer to use a smallrig cage for external microphones and monitors rather than their hotshoe.

  4. great video – thanks!
    btw, have you come across any videos that show how to expose correctly for c-log on the eos r without using an external monitor. i’d love to see how to get the best exposure for skin tones without access to waveforms. Or if youre planning on creating such a video, even better!

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