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5 Cool Canon Camera tips for better photography

In this video I share 5 useful camera tips to help you get more from your Canon camera (most tips will also work on Nikon, Sony Fujifilm cameras too).

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 review :

Watch the Macro video :

Watch the Rule of thirds video :

►How to turn on grid line on an iPhone . . .
Click on the settings app
Scroll down to Camera and select ‘Grid’

MY GEAR LIST (2021 update)
Nikon Z6 :
Nikkor 14-30mm f4 :
Nikkor 24-70mm f4 :
Nikkor 85mm f1.8 :
Nikon FTZ :
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 :

Nikon D3500 :
Nikon 35mm f1.8 :

Canon 80D / 90D :
Canon EOS 1500D / T7 :
Canon 50mm f1.8 (nifty fifty) :
Canon 10-18mm wide :
Canon 18-55mm kit lens :

GoPro Hero 9 :
Rode Wireless Go Mic :
Rode Videomic Pro :

For a full gear list visit :

Think Tank Airport Commuter :
Think Tank Airport Essentials :
Think Tank Retrospective 20 :
Think Tank Retrospective 10 :

TRIPODSMain studio tripod :
Everyday tripod :
Travel tripod :
PIX EVO mini tripod :

ATOMOS Ninja V :

LED LIGHTSLume Cube lighting :

Nikon MLL3 remote :
Canon RC6 remote :

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  1. Thanks for watching my latest video. You can show your support for this channel by giving the video a thumbs up and sharing with others.
    Paul @ Photo Genius 😀

  2. You said that this was mainly for DSLR cameras, but I just have an old Canon Powershot Sx40 hs. Even though it's a point and shoot, this video really helped me. (And I was able to get that annoying green light and beep off! Thanks!) I love your videos, you lay things out in a way that it is easy for people like me to understand without making us feel dumb or irrelevant as photographers.

  3. Major help for me. The best and easiest to understand. Thank you SO much! I am learning on my Canon entry level dslr camera. Not the fanciest type but I am having FUN with it. I need to buy a zoom lense…a BIG one…for my wildlife photography. I have one now but need one with more zoom for my moon shots too. My other Canon was automatic 50x zoom which is great! But…I wanted to learn a dslr too. Still learning but can't afford the expensive lenses right now. Wish me luck! And thanks again for being SO helpful! Blessings….🤗

  4. Thank you mate!! You are definitely my favorite .. your break downs are very easy to understand which is very important for a beginner 📷

  5. Thanks for another great video. There’s always something I can take away from your content . I’ve bought my first DSLR , Canon 90D, still growing into it.

  6. With the Covid-19 situation, I spend a lot of time at home in Las Vegas watching various photo tutorials. In my opinion, yours are the best and I will continue to tune in and to learn from you on a regular basis. You rock! 👍🌵

  7. I am using a Canon Rebel T7 – I am a beginner. I tried taking a few pics of the moon using a Canon 300mm lens, manual focus with stabilizer off, tripod, and remote shutter. I used 1/300 shutter speed after some tries as well as F11 and 100 ISO. Although I did get some acceptable pics I did not get the crystal clear results I was looking for. Do I need a filter or should I use a higher shutter speed?

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