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3 Secret Tips For Better Nikon/Canon Point & Shoot Images — Stafford Fuhs — (2021)

In this video I give a comparison between Point & Shoot Cameras such as the Nikon P1000/P950/A100, Canon SX740/SX70 and that of conventional APSC and full frame mirrorless camera systems. We explain the difference in perception and image quality. We offer solutions for increase image quality through 3 main categories. We give an example of an optical illusion that makes us think of way in which we can utilize this to our advantage in creating more compelling images.

Thanks for watching !

Stafford Fuhs

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  1. Hi Stafford. Great video.
    Between these 3 lenses Sigma 150-600 Contemporary and Sport and Tamron 150-600 G2 which is the best?
    I photograph most of the time, birds in flight, standing still, small and medium-sized mammals
    Best regards

  2. Great stuff. 👍🏻
    I will need to come back to it since there’s so much new information for me to learn.

    If I may provide some feedback about the trivial side of viewing experience, it probably looks more natural if you put your cue card on your right front so you don’t have to turn your head away from the camera, which appears interruptive. Hope you don’t mind. Just wish your channel would do better and better. 🙂

  3. Some excellent advice to help photographers get the most out of the gear they have and the one thing you can't buy …an understanding of the light your working with at any given moment.

  4. Thanks ,I've been thinking about getting a mirror lens ,but not sure if I'd be happy with image quality .Would be used on XH-1 or XT-1 and or Nikon D3 if adaptable . Does the lens hood make a huge difference to contrast ? of course there will be better quality mirror lenses .

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