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2021 Triumph Tiger 850 Sport | In Depth Review

2021 Triumph Tiger 850 Sport | In Depth Review: Back in early Spring I borrowed the new Tiger 850 Sport from Triumph to get to know it over a couple of weeks – here’s my findings….

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  1. That switch gear is a head scratcher. Fine if you have one bike; you learn it (or not) and move on. But if you have other bikes that could get annoying really fast. I agree on the single lit headlight; but on the other hand, you don't see it while riding so……meh.

    I'm a bit surprised you don't give up owning bikes and just do long term reviews; it seems that every other bike you'd like to keep. After a short time you'll need a large barn to hold them all! LOL

  2. Another great review. I looked at the 900gt pro, but eventually ran out of patience for delivery (9 months+), so kept my 800 Xrx. Perhaps should of looked at the 850 sport.

  3. Thanks for another great review. Some items your older (read “arthritic”) viewers maybe interested in are quick shifter, cruise control, and standard heated grips. Thanks again.

  4. Honestly not sure the additions on the base 900GT are worth the £2100 extra over the 850 Sport. If I was riding on the road the 850 Sport is all you need.

  5. You've been rumbled, mister…….right, then, who has kidnapped our genuine tmf and replaced him with an imposter?? Fake news, baby……
    The evidence is too damning: TWO WEEKS in the UK and you had no rain, eh?………really, no rain in blighty, I wasn't born yesterday, chap. And the final nail…. ' I haven't had time to clean it yet……..this is supposed to be our (Mr ocd) tmf and one of his beloved Trihmphs, coated in dirt. Nope, where is our Andy, the real tmf, what have you done with him and where shall we send the ransom momey?!! 😂 Great review, thank you kindly, friend. I have had a soft spot for these since they broke cover. Seems such good value for such a lovely and enjoyable well-built machine. Want one! Keep smilin' chap…

  6. Great review, they even got rid of the back-lit switch gear? No centre stand? I personally would never be happy with a so called "budget bike " still 10k, start buying thing's for it, panniers? Back to square one anyway.

  7. Loved this. Thanks for ride and the info. I fell in love with tigers when they first came out and wished I had one then, but seeing the development and the styles there are now, I really like where the tigers are going.
    Another great vlog TMF. Keep them coming.

  8. You need to view it as switch up = DRLs on, as indicated by the DRL green icon on the dash. Switch down = dipped lights on. It's the same on my previous and current ST RS.

  9. I'm yet to watch this TMF but I am looking forward to it. Seeing it pop up in my feed reminded me of a question I had for you: BMW 900 XR or the Tiger 900 GT? Is that something you'd be able to opine on (and of course I'd love a video but I understand the logistics of producing such a thing).

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