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2021 Honda Rebel 1100 Ride and Review! (New Bike for 2021!)

In this video I’ll do a ride and review of a Honda Rebel 1100, which is a brand new bike for 2021!

I borrowed this bike from my friends at Peak Honda World for the test ride!

2021 Honda Rebel 1100 Specs:
MSRP: $9,999
Displacement: 1084.0 cc (66.15 cubic inches)
Power: 87 hp @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 72 ft/lbs @ 4750 rpm
Gearbox: 6 speed
Drive: Chain
Fuel Consumption: 41 mpg
Weight (wet): 509 lbs
Seat Height: 27.2 inches
Ground Clearance: 5.4 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2.96 gallons
Fuel System: Fuel Injection, Throttle by Wire
Liquid Cooled Engine

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“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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  1. Looks pretty cool for a newer look I really love the oldschool look the best I've never rode a bike with a automatic transmission that would be kinda hard to get used to even in a car or tuck when I get used to mine and drive a different one I'm reaching for the shifter and petal ha ha

  2. Love the black chrome of the Rebel. You are going to make me buy a bike just like you did with the ball pythons lol. The vibrator comment made me choke on my coffee. lol.

    In regards to the transmission shifting, in a car with paddles the computer lets you shift when you want, using the paddles. However, it is designed to not let user error damage the transmission by shifting too soon or too late. This means that if you over rev it it will limit rpm's or automatically shift itself to avoid damage. It is possible the sport mode on the rebel turned shift controls over to the paddles and only takes over when you exceed the preset damage control limits. Really digging the test drives and thank you for adding the specs. Keep it up!

  3. Looks cool. The automatic is nice, sounds kind of like a dirt bike in some situations, or maybe that was when you were in the manual mode? Dunno. I think I like the Harley Davidson Pan America still, out of the bikes you test drove so far, although the African Twin seemed really nice and automatic! Glad you were able to test drive different bikes, thank you to the dealers that let you try them out for us to see. Good job!

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