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2021 Honda Rebel 1100 First Ride Review

The new Honda Rebel 1100 feels like a great bike! I was provided with a DCT model for a test ride and it was quite relaxing to just sit along for the ride, letting the computers to do the smart work of shifting. I think Honda has a hit with this cruiser, it looks cool has a lot of power and is not very expensive.
US $9,299
UK £9899
Sweden 114.900 kr
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  1. US bike is limited to 100MPH so I'd love to see a video of a European version doing 225KPH , on a track of course 😉 I'm guessing 160KPH top speed is more likely.

  2. Yep, typical Volvo driver at the beginning lol. I must admit, Honda did a nice job of evolving the look of the Rebel. It does have a nice growl for a stock exhaust. Nice review bro. Be safe 👍🍻

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