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2021 Harley Davidson Fatboy Review | 4 things I hate & 10 things I love

Back on a beautiful sunny day in the Spring I summed up my thoughts on the awesome Harley Davidson Fatboy. Here are the links I promised:-
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  1. The wheels are ugly, the front end is absolutely offensive, but there isn't a whole lot else to recommend against it. Perhaps it's just me, and cruiser buyers want different than my tastes.

  2. Andy I agree with 100% on finding neutral, I have a 2015 Heritage Softail Deluxe and that neutral can be very illusive at times. I also agree about the stigmatism as well, I wave at all other bikes on the road. But there are a lot of Harley riders here in the states with there so called clubs that like to think they own the road, and of coarse it gives a bad image to all of the other motorcycle riders out there. I do think you should add one to your garage, but buy a used one that someone else has worked out all of the little quirks and spent the money on the exhaust and computer tune. They are heavy but boy do they bring smile to your face!

  3. Great vid, Andy. I’ve had 2 Fatboys in the garage: a 1998 carbureted and a 2003 100th Anniversary injected model (which I still own). Love both but certainly miss the carb version. As far as dislikes, for me it’s only the dealer network… they’re a bit greedy these days. I never had that feeling with the dealers for Ducati or Yamaha. Thankfully it’s a rare thing I need a HD dealer for anymore… all service done by yours truly (so far) except way back when for their break-in service visits. Can’t imagine how you fit that big old gal in your garage with all of your own bikes! 🏍👍🏍

  4. I agree about the stigmas on certain bikes but I think its due to a certain minority such as biker gangs who let the side down on the way they behave which puts people off! But I agree with you on the stigmas!

  5. Yep all good points, the good and not so good. My only personal peeves would be that “single” front disc and those single stock rims, could never put up with that at all. Could tell you really liked that loaner. Get them to loan you a Rode Glide Special and then we’ll talk. 👍🏼 😎 🇺🇸 🌎

  6. The front brake is a four pot . Good sum up on the Fat Boy. The neutral gets very easy to find in time, and the gearbox shifts get smoother with miles .You should test a Fat Bob 114, ideally with stage one or two, a big step up in handling and braking .

  7. Personally I've never been a bike or kit snob and I'm sure I'm not alone in making a point of nodding to the pilot of any and every bike I see on the road, including learners and/or mopeds, no matter what either of us is riding. We're all in the same boat after all and I'm sure most of us remember the raw nerve it took to hold your line in the p*ssing rain on a 30mph moped with a forty foot long Artic gradually overtaking you about a foot away from your elbow.. I also know how chuffed I was if an experienced biker tipped me a quick nod when I was on 'L' plates myself.. many moons ago (too many moons I'm afraid !..)
    I find around 90% of riders will return 'the nod' but I have noticed a marked reluctance among some sections of the motorcycling community to do this and I generally put it down to the aforementioned bike and/or kit snobbery. The offenders include some sports bike riders (probably because I'm not on one ?..) and Adventure bike riders (even when I AM on one !..) but definitely the most frequently guilty are Harley riders, Maybe they believe themselves to be too cool or 'badass' for some reason (whatever it is that 'badass' actually means..) – Who knows ? but just maybe Harley riders, both past and present, have brought at least some of the stigma you mentioned in the video down upon themselves ?..

  8. Historical information for you sir. The fat boy was named after the 2 atomic bombs dropped on japan, the fat man and the little boy, hence the fat boy. It was given the name because they were losing in sales to japanese bikes and is was meant to rouse US hatred for japan to buy American. Shocking fact but true.

  9. In the U.K. we dislike success that’s why. We love to build up a brand then knock it down especially if it’s expensive. We do the same with people “Sad” and down to being jealous.

  10. I don’t recall seeing a section detailing what diet or fitness regime you now live by? Noticeably trimmer these days Andy👍🏼 or are you using special video equipment?

  11. Harley makes a beautiful bike, the biggest problem is the riders over here in North America. Your surrounded by them, you can hear most of them coming a mile away playing music loudly and annoying everyone with their racket exhausts. Heck even our local city has put in a noise ordinance in place because of the idiots riding them in town. It's a shame for Harley because they do look nice, mostly in the rear view mirror!!!!!

  12. What is to dislike about a Harley that doesn't give you an acoustic trauma? Haven't heard of anything as good since learning about sliced bread!

    …and I can almost hear the conversation between the engineers:
    "Hey, Sam! BMW have a brake system that engages the rear brake together with the front break!"
    "You know what, Zac? We'll make a, like, real heavy brake pedal that stands upright and is nice and real strong and gets engaged by its own momentum when you pull the front brake. Same."
    "That's how we it in 'murrica." "Yeah."

  13. Easier way to find neutral is use ur foot to pull the gear in towards the bike aswell as lift it. Works for me.
    Also as a Harley rider, I nod at every bike I see. Scooters included!
    It’s us against the cars!

  14. Trying to keep it clean should have been in the hate column. Definately not a HD hater wouldn't mind an Iron 1200. I really wish rust wasnt an issue if used as a daily rider.

  15. Next up a big Harley Davidson Ultra! Would be fun to see your take on it compared to your Goldwing. I like the Fat Boy too! Cheers! Nice review as always.

  16. Nope I still don't get it. Any bike of mine has to make me grin when I open the garage door. This would make me laugh but not in a good way.
    Glad you enjoyed it, but some of the stigma is caused by the riders, certainly in the UK. I have been on several charity rides with large numbers of Harley riders, I am by nature a chatty type, but I just got the cold shoulder. Victory riders seemed friendlier.

  17. All that bling is something I would hate and the effort it would take to keep it shiny isn’t the main reason.
    I like ‘keep it simple, don’t take it too far’ bikes.

    Harley Davidson not greeting back at you is often the case.

    I simply don’t fit on cruisers. I hate the seating position, I can’t reach the handle bar easily. Yes, I tried several cruisers and they’ve got all the same problem for me.

  18. Hi Andy. In my experience Harley riders only nod at other Harley riders, I think they like it that way. Being a nice bloke with no particular brand loyalty to Harley I think your trying to change something they don’t want changing.

  19. I nod at anyone on two wheels. Harley riders hardly ever nod back and almost never initiate a nod so maybe the problem lies with Harley riders! 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. I find on our 2016 HD Road King standard model, finding neutral is easier when just before stopping.
    Once stopped, it can be a challenge, lol. Enjoyed your vlog. Cheers. 🙂🏍🇨🇦

  21. Beautiful machine,I personally think the deluxe is a stunning machine,but it's all down to personal choice,hopefully next year ,I will be owning a softail,great video

  22. This may or may not be relevant. We have a 1998 Fat Boy. Ours is the same with neutral. Holding the clutch in with slight upward pressure on the shifter, holding the throttle at about 2000 or so RPM (guessing), it will shift very nicely into neutral. And that is AFTER adjusting the clutch. Its a great bike for local rides and to be "seen" on. It has a Screaming Eagle exhaust and sounds amazing. After I replaced the shocks and went with a heavier fork oil, the ride improved. It has a "touring" H-D saddle… which is decently comfortable. However. Even with a windshield (OEM accessory) the wind beats the sense out of my head at 60+ mph. With my feet thrown out in front of me, that "decent" seat isn't so decent after 100 miles. Floorboards drag way too soon for my taste, and that's at stock ride height. This bike when new, was "modified" by a "licensed HD dealer/customizer" which resulted in a "rebuilt" title….. Talk about a hit to the value, but the frame and suspension is unmodified. This is purely specific to OUR bike, not anyone else's. But the greatest surprise to me was that I never wanted to own a Harley. This bike came into our care in sad shape through a family member. We saved it, got it back on the road… and it has grown on me quite a bit. I don't want to sell it now. Every bike has its quirks and stand-out characteristics. Ours with it's thumpy Evo engine has carved out a place of respect in my heart. Its uncomfortable for very long rides… but the sound, smooth power and good ride quality make for a good overall ride.

  23. Thanks for the extremely positive review for the Harley brand.The Softail’s are the pick of the bunch.Although the Fatboy has the edge with looks,by far best value is the Sport Glide.Similar looks,but easily detachable bags and fairing,and best Harley for handling .Worth a review at some point.

  24. Another great review Andy,
    Understand where you are coming from regarding Harley haters. I own a Harley glide as well as triumph tiger xca. Out on triumph the wave 👋 happens , out on the Harley 👆get ignored. But what the hell just love riding bikes, does it really make that difference, it’s two wheels at the end of the day , thing is I’m not narrow minded . 👍 All bikes have got good and bad points. It’s what floats your boat.

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