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2021 BMW R1250 RT Review | First Ride

2021 BMW R1250 RT Review | First Ride: A few months back those kind folk at BMW UK loaned me the latest RT for a try – Here’s my first ride on the bike plus those links I promised:-
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  1. Another dull review by this guy. Have you an issue with making entertaining reviews? Too many inaccuracies to be informative and what's this rubbish about built in sat nav? Have you not realised that dedicated sat nav is no longer relevant?

  2. Thank you Mr F, a highly entertaining review as always. I know exactly what you mean about fellow bikers blanking you when you give them a nod. A few still do it but sadly it seems to be a dying courtesy.

  3. Thanks as ever for your thoughts on the RT. I’ll be in the market for a mile muncher when I pass my imminent IAM advanced rider course. The RT and RS are right at the top on my shopping list. At 47 I’m wondering whether I’m old enough for an RT, and standing 5”8 i question if I’m of sufficient stature either. 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Excellent review again. I have a 2020 model having traded in a Harley Road King. It was Another good tourer but too heavy . I don’t have a sat nav 6 yet fitted in the recess position but I may buy one. I would like to use my phone on a handlebar mount for nav but the stupid handlebar design makes this impossible without quite a bit of diy bolt replacement. I tour with a friend who has aK1600 with a basic Garmin unit mounted on the handlebar. This is sometimes awkward to control on the move especially skipping town centre waypoints. It also interrupts our 2 way intercom relentlessly in built up areas. If I buy a nav 6 ( made by garmin I think?) does anyone know how much better the control is with the wizzy wheel? Or point me to a useful forum discussion? Thanks.

  5. In your riding videos, I think I've always seen you wearing eyeglasses, usually sunglasses. Are your glasses for correcting your vision, meaning you wear them all the time while riding? If so, then the helmets your describe in your kit reviews are all compatible with eyeglasses? I wear corrective eyeglasses, and must carefully select helmets because some are not at all compatible with wearing eyeglasses. I tried a Schuberth helmet at a shop…great helmet, but I couldn't get my glasses on at all.

  6. @TMF,
    Another good review, thanks alot.

    But twisties? All of the so called twisties were virtual straights. You’d show better twisties handling by having a bit of a go through a large-ish round about offering safe visibility of any traffic.

    Some riding of graded gravel / dirt riding would also be useful. The very best bike reviews IMO show bikes being ridden at the boundaries of what prospective buyers would consider using the bike for themselves, to help rule in / out said bike as a future purchase.

    Some comments about stock / alternative tyres would also be terrific. Tyres can have a massive impact on the riding experience. No doubt with your experience, you would have alot to offer your viewers in this regard.

  7. Great review and thank you – was interested to read what you thought of this bike, and of course will be interested in your follow up reviews. Comments are very polarised – if one was to compare a Goldwing to a BMW, objectively I think it'd have to be the K1600 GT/GTL given six cylinders, price and overall specifications.

    As to a GS? Well unless you plan to take the RT off road, it's probably not a relevant comparison. On the other hand, if your off road riding consists only of the odd hard packed dirt road, or graded gravel road, and only as and when needed, I'd argue the RT would be the better objective pick as a road bike over a GS.

    Talking of GS's I see that the RE Interceptor has knocked it off the top sales perch in the UK. Perhaps the Charlie and Ewan wannabe image is starting to wane a little in the world of bike marketing and image, in favour of retro 'classics' like the RE twins, and even the new R18 models of BMW.

    The other issue perhaps is price. If had to choose between this and say an G310GS and the difference on a premium car with heating, A/C and much more comfort, luxury and space for luggage when touring, I'd take the bike/car combination every time.

    Perhaps that might be the other reason the RE twins have become such a sales success; a combination of looks, style, and great riding fun – concentration on the essential pleasure of motorcycle riding, without trying to compete with cars in terms of luxury and comfort features, – where the car almost always wins – and to do so at affordable prices that don't compete with cars either.

  8. For me , I was lucky enough to go to the launch with a friend in the business, it was a terrible day weather wise , being a pan rider I came way with mixed feelings , I just couldn’t get used to the seating , but also that screen design whist great for cutting wind noise let rain easily roll around the screen soaking the rider , but the suspension and handling was truly top notch I would have no worries riding in winter conditions or having a cupper and knocking a couple hundred miles , whist the radar is good the highlight for me in such crap conditions was the adaptive headlights easily illuminating the countryroads better than the gold wing but agree wish the side boxes were a little bigger but a good shape whist I didn’t try it I think a large lid will just fit with gloves the price is a little steep

  9. Thank you for the video. I bought an RT based on your advice sometime ago. I have fitted a Vstream screen. It's amayzing how good that screen is. It's very quiet much more than the standard screen and you don't have to put it up so high to get a perfectly smooth air flow. For anyone with an RT the two best upgrades are a Sargent seat and Vstream screen.

  10. Would be awesome if you could do some kind of comparison of this BMW vs the new generation Gold Wing. Similar target market but very different execution. German vs Japan. Etc….

  11. sorry dont like that one ,, engine is bad news , cam chain will wear through casings , cam gear too complicated ,, ridiculous settings to operate simple tasks ,, too big a bike to feel small on , but i hope you enjoy it anyway,,,,,

  12. I just find the R1250RS much more appealing, a good touring bike, but more sporty and less blobby at the front than the RT. I keep watching reviews and looking at specs for all makes and the BMW R1250RS just seems like the perfect bike.

  13. Andy I owned RTs in all incarnations from a R1100RT through to a R1200RT L/C, the best one was my 2006 A/C 1200 the worst was the L/C one, heavy handling compared to the A/C ones, uncomfortable seating and awkward grip position which aggravated tennis elbow in my right elbow. Wife absolutely hated it, so much so we sold it after just over a year for a GS, eventually finally bit the bullet and changed the GS for the Goldwing, all I can say is there is no competition between the Wing and RT L/C , the Wing wins that comparison by a country mile

  14. Another great review. I will be interested on your findings if you try the integrated sat nav. I bought my ’21 RT in May and the sat nav doesn’t work at all with the iphone. BMW have supplied me with an android phone, which does work but is far from ideal. Every time I stop to refuel or have a coffee it needs to be manually reconfigured. I wouldn’t put up with that in any other set of circumstances. BMW have agreed to give me my money back but it is a brilliant bike otherwise. Just a real pain to live with. There is plenty on the forums about the lack of R&D before this bike was released but I haven’t seen any reviewer yet try the sat nav & app properly. Will you be the first?

  15. Excellent blog as per usual. Had mine for 3 months, absolutely love the bike but have had the connection issues and problems with the TFT, been in touch with BMW Germany who are trying to be as helpful as they can, a major software update for both the App and screen is going to happen in Sept so fingers crossed, I’m off to the Picos in the middle of Sept so will rely heavily on the app for the Satnav, totally agree with you in that it should be integrated on the bike. Look forward to the next update blog…. Ride safe

  16. Wait until you try the BMW App!!
    Have to say I'm very impressed with it. So much so that I have just sold my Navigator VI sat nag. The phone software is always up to date, with no need to connect to a computer to perform such an update. I used to have a 2016 RT, and found it too heavy, especially on uphill T-junctions where I wanted to turn right. Sin then I have had an XR and now a 1200GSA. The GSA is huge, but once I figured out the seat height settings, and changing the suspension height – it's now fine. I'm 6'2" and have had issues lifting it off the side stand when the road has a camber, and sometimes had to get one of my mates to give the bike a shove! (Which they all thought was hilarious). I do like the 1250 engine and the changes that BMW have made to the brakes in the latest round of updates. They are still very strong, but not as sharp as the 2018/2019 brakes.

  17. I have the 2020 R1250RS, with the smaller TFT screen, and I use the BMW Connected app all the time to get turn by turn instructions on the screen. The app has gotten better over time and I really like the functionality it has. It's easy to create a route, maps can be downloaded so you don't need cell coverage. With the bigger screen, you can get a map display along with turn by turn.

  18. In the end, I am curious to see how you compare the RT to your 19 Gold Wing Tour DCT, as well as the GS. I own the same DCT and have been considering a BMW as a touring bike but won't be crossing the Sahara, so a GSA and all its bulk may not be for me.

  19. a, the old dedicated gps vs phone debacle. I have no idea if your average mid priced phone these days has a dedicated GPS module but be it as it may, when in the middle of nowhere, where you need a GPS the most, a dedicated unit with offline maps and a sturdy sat connection is objectively superior. I bet most people who say phones are as good or better don't go in the boonies too much. It's again the convinience vs reliability/dependability design issue that seems to fool people so much these days, with pretty much everything.

  20. Nice video. Does the 1250 have the boxer 4000 rpm vibration as on virtually every other bmw twin? Speaking of which does your 1200 have the vibes? Before anyone says throttle body sync, mine has had an anal throttle sync at idle and 4k and valve adjustment.

  21. I’m sure you’ll find out how useless the sat nav actually is …. My friend just put his ageing 660 on his 21 plate 1250 RT to come on tour with us ….my 19 plate with the Nav 6 got us where we needed to be especially coffee and petrol stops

  22. Boo-hoo! No mention of the much more desirable FJR – resplendent with 'physical buttons' and old skool 'dashboard'. Sublime straight-four, torquey shit-off-a-shovel engine. At least deserving of a favourable cross reference on the next ride… Thanks Andy. Atb.

  23. The vast majority of people who can afford these bikes are 'older'. And with age comes issues with things like knee ache. So I can't understand why make a tourer that requires a tucked up leg position! No wonder people go to adventure bikes.

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