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2008 Nikon D60 Review! (Is it Worth it in 2020?)

In short, the Nikon D60, released in 2008 is still a viable option today for photography, and the quality of the camera on par with other top DSLRs.

👉 The only downsides I see are its age and only having the ability to shoot photos, but otherwise, I would totally recommend this to anyone at any skill level in photography!

⚡️ *Disclaimer*: I’m a beginner photographer who doesn’t know many camera terms, so if I say something incorrectly that is why. Thanks!

📷 Buy the body for under $50 here:

0:00 Introduction
0:56 Verdict
1:31 My Thoughts
1:49 Appearance
2:09 SD Cards/Batteries
2:48 To Take Pictures
3:30 Settings
4:06 Menu
4:42 Lens
4:50 Recommendation
5:38 Summary
6:17 Conclusion

I also apologize for the graininess in this video, this was one of my first videos on the channel.

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Editing Software: IMovie
Computer: Early 2013 MacBook Pro

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If you are reading this, then comment: “old can be good”

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  1. I just bought the body and three different lens and carrying cases for $200. Seemed worth it to me. At least it will be a great camera quality for outdoorsy things like plants and animals. I’ll push it to its limits and see what I can do. Thanks for the video. I’m new to all of this.

  2. Maxwell:
    I missed one thng in my comment, I highly recommend you get 2 new batteries, they are available on Amazon or Battdepot for about 12 dollars each. The original battery is old and may not hold a charge very long especially if you are useing flash. Keep an extra card with you also. Nothing worse than having anbattery die when you are out taking pictures.

  3. Hi Maxwell,
    Inenjoyed your video. I just biught 2 D-60 bodies for 50 each. Gave one to my granddaughter and one for me. They are a great starter dslr. The lens you have on there is most likely the 18-55 VR. There are some great videos on you tube that explain all of the features and how to use them. You are right video came along in the D3200 or D 3300. Learn the basics with the D-60 and if you really like it move up to a good used D-5300.
    Enjoy yourself!!! Cameras are lots of fun!!

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